NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 comes to Gaming Laptops

Nvidia has officially released their high end Mobility GPU the Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 for gaming laptop . The graphics card is same in specs as the desktop GeForce GTX 980. It is also the most powerful and fastest graphics card for laptop ever built. Based on the same design and having the same specs,Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 will target high end performance gaming laptops.

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Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 – The Fastest Graphics Card for Gaming Laptop

As mentioned earlier also known as the most powerful and fastest graphics card for gaming laptop ever built. That’s true its the most fastest graphics card for laptop ever built. But to many arise the question why did NVIDIA used the name GTX 980, as they already  have released a mobility graphics card by the name GTX 980M. Well this shouldn’t confuse you. NVIDIA has made it clear by giving it the name GTX 980 and not the 980M. The thing is GTX 980M is purely a mobility graphics card. And there is no doubt that back when it was released it was the fastest mobility graphics card and still is. By labeling the new graphics card as GeForce GTX 980, NVIDIA made it clear that the new mobility graphics card will deliver the same performance as the desktop version of the graphics card with same specifications.

NVIDIA knows the demand of PC Gamer’s and they have put that all together in their latest mobility GPU, GeForce GTX 980. When it comes to PC Gaming, the user would want all the genuine components of his desktop to be even on a laptop and there comes the GTX 980.


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 – Specifications

The mobility Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 is based on the same specifications as the desktop high end GTX 980. It is a full GM204 GPU with 2048 CUDA Cores, 64 ROP(Raster Operation Units) and 128 Texture mapping Units. The mobility GTX 980 is clocked at 1126 Mhz base and 1218 at boost. It will come packed with 8GB GDDR5 memory operating on 256-bits bus and clocked at 1753 Mhz. The bandwidth is 224.0GB/sec and the TDP at which it will operate at 165 watts. Which raises the questions how will the PCB board of graphics card will be able to provide such power. Well nothing to worry about the mobility variant of the GTX 980 will use specialized MXM PCB board which will be able to provide and deliver around 50% more current than the GTX 980M graphics card board. The board which the GTX 980 will use will come with 4-8 phase Pulse width modulation supplies so powering the graphics card won’t be such a big problem.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 vs GTX 980M

 CUDA Cores :  GTX 980 have 2048 CUDA Cores while the GTX 980M have 1536.

Texture Mapping Units :  GTX 980 has 128 texture units while the GTX 980M has just 96.

ROP (Raster Operation Units) :  GTX 980 and GTX 980M have same number or ROP i.e 64.

Clock Speeds: The GTX 980 is clocked at 1126 Mhz and at boost will run at 1218 Mhz while GTX 980M will run lower at 1038

From the above mentioned  comparison it is clear that the new mobility GTX 980 is fast as the desktop variant, and is about 35% faster than the GTX 980. Aside from the above mentioned spec and comparison. The GTX 980M also have a slower 5.0 Ghz memory clock with memory bandwidth of 160GB/sec which on GTX 980 is 7.0Ghz and bandwidth of 224.0GB/sec. Also the GTX 980 consume more power that is 165 watts where as the GTX 980M only just 125 watts.

GeForce GTX 980 – Overclocking

Overclocking is one of the things which is is the heart of many PC Enthusiasts. Nvidia GeForce GTX 980  now will allow overclocking on laptops. You can push the limits of your graphics card and can achieve an additional performance gain of about 10-15% under overclocked conditions. We can also expect to see sli configuration of GTX 980 on the laptop but won’t that be too much. But who knows we are living in the future and with proper cooling solutions such as water cooling that might be nearly possible in the near future.



According to NVIDIA Overclocking is deeply rooted in the DNA of any PC enthusiast. The idea that they can push the limits of their system and squeeze every ounce of “free performance” is on every enthusiast’s mind as they select components. When designing this new breed of enthusiast notebook, we’ve done the same: from meticulously designed components, to adding in the fastest video memory you’ll find in notebooks, we have defined a system that will handle the rigors of overclocking and deliver record breaking performance. Newer cooling systems with up to 2x the cooling efficiency of existing GTX gaming notebooks keep these components ticking in the tight confines of a mobile form factor, and new fan and overclocking controls enable users to tweak fan speeds, fan control curves, and clock speeds. 


Just think about GTX 980 when it makes it way into the mobility market. It will really make a big difference coupled up with new Processors such as the New Unlocked Skylake Processors. The Future of Mobility gaming is very bright, Asus has already revealed the GX700VO the first ever water cooled latop. Such solutions can really even end up a laptop with GTX 980 in SLI Configuration.

GeForce GTX 980 – Laptop Performance

NVIDIA also did benchmark of their new beast GTX 980. The laptop used was MSI GT72, the only thing which was cleared from the Pic was that games ran on this laptop with GTX 980 other specifications are unknown. Its amazing to see that GTX 980 deliver smooth 1080p Gaming experience at 60FPS on Maxed out settings. In the latest titles such as Grand Theft Auto V, The Witcher 3, and Metal Gear Solid V.



GeForce GTX 980 Features:


Over the past years NVIDIA has surprised us with its crowning achievements in the PC World as well as other things. Well what do you think about the new Mobility graphics card from Nvidia? Will it will be worth for Gaming laptop or you would prefer to stick with your GTX 980M powered laptop.

Well do share your views about Mobility GTX 980 and do tell us in the comment box  😀 🙂