Nexus 5X Android update: New Version

Nexus 5X Android update

Google has issued a little update to the Nexus 5 which is now rolling out OTA. Users customized up the nexus 5X for the first time may be prompted to install the update as soon the device connects to Wi-Fi. So here you could find out all the latest Nexus 5X update news below.

The Download will cover extra 42 MB and brings the Nexus 5X up to software version MDB08I – the same as can be found on Google’s factory images page. This is a minor update, with no change list, so it’s likely only for security updates and bug fixes.

So it come to update version to Marshmallow will land, we aren’t yet sure. Android Lollipop version 5.0.1 arrived in December, so maybe it also come in December.

Have you got your hands on the Nexus 5X yet? What are your initial thoughts? Share your thought in comment.


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