New Android games you must play in October 2015 

Today we give you the October 2015 release of month to month round-up of the new Android games you ought to be playing. This month, we have a fabulous new prison crawler, a phenomenal Pokémon puzzle game and the sky is the limit from there. Further down.

Dungeon Boss:

Dungeon Boss is new Android game, it is a wild little prison crawler where fights happen in a turn-based design. You must battle your way through various lesser adversaries to meet the “cell supervisor” toward the end of every stage. Defeat end-of-level beast and you’ll get a trove of gold and jewels to purchase updates and things.


It looks and plays sort of like Double Fine’s Costume Quest. The blocky craftsmanship style, situations and 3D illustrations may appear cutesy yet it can get greatly difficult in later levels. You’re going to need a really nice phone to have the capacity to run it easily, however.

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UNKILLED New Android game, the people behind Dead Trigger 1 and Dead Trigger 2, have now discharged UNKILLED, another and totally distinctive sort of first-individual zombie shooter. Utilizing the left half of the screen for development and the right side to point, you impact your way through New York City lanes at the onset of a zombie end of the world

Since the genuine discharging of your weapon is dealt with automatically once something is in your sights, it feels unfathomably smooth to control. There’s a cheesy story line for you to take after yet genuine fun is in the impacting through undead crowds with additional items like rockets and “shot time” buffs. On the off chance that you need to see what the most recent tech is able to do, look at this one.

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 Pokemon Shuffle:

Pokémon Shuffle is an allowed to-play riddle diversion created by The Pokémon Company (the same fellows in charge of the Pokemon RPGs on the amusement kid) and touches base as the first Pokémon game to be release on new Android game outside of Japan

It’s a match-three sort title in the same vein as Candy Crush Saga, yet every stage plays out as a fight with a Pokémon. Beat the level and you will have an opportunity to get the Pokémon you faced toward the end, with your shots of doing as such expanding or diminishing relying upon your performance in the fight.

Complete the stage with three moves left? Great! Those will be added to your score to expand your shots of catching another Pokémon to help you in fight next time. It’s a perfect thought in light of the fact that it gives a motivator to play savvy and be vital past the standard thing “to procure three stars” inspiration. Pleasant.

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Hitman: Sniper:

The legendary anti-hero, Hitman 47, shows up on Android. This time, 47 elements in a Gun Gallery killing diversion reminiscent of the Hitman Sniper Challenge that turned out on consoles a couple of years prior. Set in Montenegro, Sniper doles out you to slaughter focuses over 150 missions. You can either shoot targets directly, or imaginatively utilize nature to make them look like mischances. As you do the satisfyingly rough hits, you open weapon parts and outlines to enhance you’re arms stockpile.

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Lara Croft: Relic Run

Insignificant weeks after the first Tomb Raider was release in the Play Store, Square Enix have gone and put Lara Croft in an amusement that is most likely substantially more open to the normal cell phone gamer. Relic Run is, basically, Temple Run featuring Lara Croft. The diversion looks phenomenal, complementing the jittery quick unending running gameplay that works so well on handheld gadgets. It’s not simply an issue of ducking, bouncing, and parkouring either, as you’ll experience classic supervisors and even ride the occasional vehicle.

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Mortal Kombat X

Dissection, executions and bone-breaking. These are only an exquisite’s portion things you’ll be doing in the Android version of the most recent super-violent battling amusement in the unbelievable establishment. “X” highlights a few new characters, and additionally old top picks Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sonya, Sub-Zero atall. The amusement is adjusted for Android, so the gameplay is to a great extent about timing your swipes to execute complex combos and, obviously, fatalities. Some may be put off by the ultra-roughness, yet others will think that its bleeding brilliant (we went there!.

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these are the new android games which is release in September 2015.and if you think that we have forgot some of the new android games which is release in 2015 so we will wait for your feedback. so comment below and we will update our post