Never Loose Track of Your Phone With These Apps

5 best apps for tracking

Looking the present time mobile phones are one of the most important devices in our life. Without phone our life is just impossible, mobile phone provide us entertainment as well as keep our  personal data, contacts, messages,  pictures, music, and apps etc. mobile phones also help us in killing our boredom simply it means if we have mobile phone so we will no more be alone. So it simply means that you will be scared of losing your mobile phone, and unfortunately if you don’t find it so you will not only lose your data but if goes in the hands of a wrong person so they can have access to your personal account which will put you in more trouble.


It as an android app which is a anti theft app which will make your cell phone protect , the app has plenty of ways through which it can find your mobile as well as lock it. It has also an option through which you can open alert alarm as well it has a feature by which you can do audio recording with the help of microphone if someone try to remove or change the sim card or reset it. You can also track the phone through GPS. The most amazing function is that you can hide your apps so  no body can remove it. The free version of the app ends in a week while you  have to buy the premium version through which you can tract up to 5 devices.

Where’s My Droid (Android)

This app also contain many ways to track your mobile device . The main feature is that you can send a text which will change  your mobile from silent mote to normal mode.  You can also find it by GPS coordinates via text. The premium version allows a snapshot  of the criminal or it can clean up your mobile phone.

Find My iPhone(ios)

This app gives you the opportunity to track your mobile phone through iOS software, which also gives you the option of finding your mobile phone on a map. It can also protect your personal data as well you can send a text, you can also change the silent mode of your iPhone to general mode. Make sure that your iPhone has the latest upgrade so you can also remotely lock your iPhone. Register it on iCloud account with your Apple id and make register your app. But keeping in mind  that the app will only work if the lost mobile is connected to internet.

Prey(cross platform)

The app allows you to tract or find multiple devices because of having a web portal. Through this app you can send a text, you can also increase the volume of your phone if it is on silent, you can simply lock your mobile phone. You can hide your apps from protecting it from wrong hands or someone may uninstall it. An extra option of switching off your mobile phone is also available.

Android device Manager(Android)

Tis option is provided by Google with having the ability to pinpoint your mobile phone on a map you can also lock your mobile phone , you can full the volume of your mobile phone if it is silent . it also have its own app but you can also search your mobile phone by signing in to your Google account and type “find my mobile “ in Google search, which will give you a map of your mobile phone current location.

Use Dropbox(Android and iOS)

If you have installed a Dropbox in your mobile phone and if you have “camera upload” feature activated so you can use it as the last resort. If someone tries to take a picture out from your phone, the picture will automatically be uploaded to your Dropbox. You can also see the person and also you can guess the location of your mobile from its background.