Top 15 Most Profitable Niche to Start blogging in 2015

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When it comes toward starting a blog. The most though job is the selection of most profitable niche in blogging that have greater demand, big community high authority and low competition. But unfortunately it’s one of the hard work and mostly the newbie bloggers are failed while choosing their niche.  I have seen so many people who says that passion is everything. But only following passion is not the key toward success. If you want to build authority, if you want to become popular and if you want to earn money from your living room. Than you would need to slightly change you’re thought and select the niche that have some demand. Also you must know about the niche that what reader actually want from you and how can you convert your reader into customer by selling product online.

But before going to select any niche lets decide on which topic you are actually building a blog.

Well so easy “I will target the whole technology market” or blogging or Traveling niche…

Fine but we can’t say this is blogging. Because such type of work need a team of professional blogger who can write on every aspect of selected market. At least 5-20 post per day. Which is I think not possible for a starter who have no knowledge of even selecting a niche.

Before going to explore the most profitable niche to start blogging in 2015 lets set and ask some question from yourself?

1) Why I am choosing this niche?

choosing the best nicheHave you noticed while attending a class of your favorite teacher and Non favorite teacher?You feel comfortable, happy and have a wish in mind that teacher take a lengthy class. While on other side when you are setting in a non-favorite or a teacher whom you don’t like class. You will be feeling uncomfortable, with a wish of shorter class.  Same in the case of choosing a niche, by selecting such niche which bring happiness and smile on your face while write a piece of content on it is the best one niche for you and your blog. You will write quality content because you love your passion. The topic or niche may be related to any of your interest. Ask from yourself and you will get the answer.

2) DO you have any background knowledge?

The main question which arise here is that many newbies haven’t much knowledge on the niche that choose. So what they do… First question is ask from yourself? Are you ready for writing on selected niche? Because blogging is all about leaning and experiencing new things. So don’t be afraid of telling the people that you are newbie and the purpose to write on this is all about learning new things.  But one thing to remember. Don’t share false information just for the sake of traffic.

3) Check your Niche popularity

As you like to search and read only those topic in which you have interest, same other people too. So the best think before the selection of a niche is to do proper research. Search Google, Facebook groups and pages, LinkedIn twitter use different tools, study magazine and know that how many people are interested in your niche.

There are many tools through which you can determine the market size. Some of them are:

  • Keyword planner
  • Traffic Travis
  • Search Google and you will find the answer
  • Search Facebook with hashtag
  • LongTailpro
  • Market samurai

 4) How Many other Blogs are covering the same Topic?

Here come two probability while selecting the most profitable niche in blogging. May be you find a niche market which have low competition and higher searches or having low competition in the day of choosing your niche but may have higher demand in future. While the 2nd probability is either you choose such on which there may be thousands of weblogs and contents. In the case of if you choose the 2nd option. Just ask 1 question may I get succeed? If you find yourself in doubt, don’t go for it. But if you have believe on yourself just close your eyes and select the niche. There are more chances of getting succeed if you go for the 1st 1 due to low competition and future market expansion.

So my advice is do not make it harder for yourself. The hard work which you want to spent on ranking your competitive website is better to spend on such website which can take less time in ranking and generating income.

5) Examine your Competitor blogs

The most common thing which I have found in our blogger community especially in Asian countries are they check there competitor weblogs and write the same post as they have seen there. In a result all their effort become 0. Always ask and try one thing “What can I do better from my competitor”?

For the purpose to do something better, cursor down to the comment section and read the comments. You will find very interesting topic for your blog. Search online forums like worriorforum, and many others. Always try to do SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat) analysis of your competitor weblog.

6) Is there Enough Topics on the Niche you are covering?

Blogger have 3 main source for writing contents. The one is his/her previous knowledge learnt from different sources. The 2nd source is what he is seeking now a days and what his thought for future either lunching a product or doing the same thing of what and how is. To know how much knowledge you have in the field? Just set down and start brainstorming different weblog post. May be some of them came fast but after some time you will find yourself in a cave with no light. But after thinking for some time you will start getting light of new topics. Just try to collect at least 30-50 content for your favorite chosen niche.

Writing articles for technology and news type website is not as difficult as their lot of new thing invent and happen on daily basis.

And the last one is:

how i will generate Income from the selected list of most profitable niche?

The last question which you have to ask from yourself is that is there any way to generate income from the selected niche? There are many channel by implementing them you can get decent amount of money, but let’s research first. Either those methods are accurate to your blog topics.

Let’s check the list below for the niche you want to target:

  • Google AdSense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Direct Advertisement
  • Selling your own products
  • Selling services like web development designing SEO etc.
  • Contextual advertisement
  • Paid reviews
  • Paid Seminars and webinars

There are too many other methods but you can’t find theme until you start a blog.

Now here I would like to share the list of top 15 most profitable niche to start blogging in 2015 through and by which you can easily make a living.

Below is the Random list:

  • Technology

  • Health and fitness

  • Blogging tutorial

  • Money and business niche

  • Freelancing

  • Web development and Designing

  • Fashion and Celebrities

  • Insurance

  • Online Education

  • Personality development

  • Automobiles

  • Social Media

  • Breaking News website

  • Entertainment

  • Foreign exchange trading

Now let me explain all of the above one by one.


Most of you people might know about the trend in technology market nowadays. Different type of software’s, games, smartphones, applications etc. are coming into the market which make it difficult for user for which one they can go. Let me share you a survey in which it is showed that the birth of children in the world is less than the sale of IPhone.

freelancer ratio in us

Credit JDSU

Above image showed that people are highly interested in new gadgets. So by creating a blog related to the technology in which you can share different news, review software’s and gadgets as well as sell the product might be very beneficial.

By giving the useful information about latest gadgets and latest tech tips in this niche can really help for those who really want to know about the latest innovations occurring in the technology.

Health and Fitness:

Every person want to become healthy and wealthy. Because if you are healthy, you will do something in your life otherwise not. So the 2nd profitable niche to start blogging which got listed here is health.  Some of the keywords which CPC is very high are:

  • Weight loss factors
  • Feeling better
  • Health prevention from disease
  • Healthy eating
  • Yoga for weight loss
  • Dieting food
  • Stress reduction

These keywords are specially related to the health and fitness as everyone want to live healthy life, and for that they are regular in search of how to loss the weight, get healthy food, exercise tips for maintaining their health etc. So try to cover the topic from food list to diet, recipes, supplement, weight loss products etc. you will surely generate a decent amount of income as the niche have still a lot of gap due to new invention and diseases.

Blogging Tutorial

Blogging, Ahhhhh! Seeing smile on your face (Just kidding). One of the best way to share and explore your thoughts with other people with an aim in mind to teach them something that become beneficial in there learning phase. Blogging on tutorial niche like shoutmeloud, Allbloggingtips, Bloggingcage, probloggers are the examples in blogging related niche. They are the experts in the tutorial industry by solving problems of different newbies. The main topics for such blogs are how to, what is type tutorial, writing on HTML, different widgets, Search engine optimization, and social media.

You can earn money from such blog though AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, selling your product and product review of others, also webinars seminars, and wordpress website development of your client weblog.

If you are interested in this niche. Then must read the post of Top 16 premium WordPress themes for blogging

Money and business niche

From the day first of understanding the world the wish which grew up with human is to earn more money and become a millionaire. At least they want to know the methods to earn something extra. So the blog which can be built on this niche show the different ways of earning money online as well as offline, also it shows how to start a business with small amount and how to run that business for lifetime. One thing that should be noted that such type of niches required good experience for writing killer contents and ideas.


According to the freelancer unions the total number United States citizen who are doing freelancing is 53 Million. Which is more than the combined population of 25 another survey state that till 2020 the 40% people will start freelancing. This show that it’s one of the best easiest and secure online way of earning money.

So you have a great market to start working on this niche. If you start freelancing himself (if you have brain with some skills) or start guiding people to become a freelancer by sharing different techniques and strategies. You will see the money flow in very short time.

Web development and Designing

The trend in technology bring a big change in the life of every person/company. People are registering domain for sharing there thoughts and to earn money while Companies are buying domains to secure their names online and sell or to contact the rest of the world if you are a newbie having some skills in development process, than start your career by starting a blog on sharing tips, access to online resource, how to and development courses. SmashingMag, smashinHub,Tutplus and Hongkiat are the examples of this niche.

Fashion and Celebrities

Now a days if you open Facebook, twitter or any other social platform. There you will surely find a news or picture of any celebrity. Same if you go to the fan page of any celebrity. You will see hundreds of thousands of comments, likes and share on each post shared by that account. Same in the case of fashion. People want to become more attractive and good looking and for that they search different websites. Which make this niche one of the most profitable niche of all the times. Creating a blog and sharing news on this niche may bring more visitors and money in your pocket due to large number of fans of each and every celebrity.

TheFashionspot, glamourmagazine, instyle and whowhatwear are the examples for Celebrities and fashion niche.


One the most expensive keyword which CPC is higher than others are insurance. By creating a blog on this niche is more beneficial than others. The competition in this niche is higher than others and it’s a little bit difficult for this niche lover to rank their website easily, that’s why advertiser are paying a decent amount up to $30 per click.

Lifehappens and lexisnexis are the example blog currently working on this profitable niche.

Online Education

Creating a blog on sharing info related to different schools, colleges, Universities, Scholarship news, also notes assignment and eBook’s reviews make this on of the top profitable niche for 2015, 2016 and onwards. As we know that the ratio of students are increasing day by day. People need information for their assignments, Research papers, also want to study abroad. For them this type of website is like water in desert. Also you can educate people online. Online university like Western Governors University, Tutor website KhanAcedemy and Scholarship website scholarship position are the example on this niche.

Some other important and the most paying profitable niche of 2015 and onward are:

  • Personality development
  • Automobiles
  • Social Media
  • Breaking News website
  • Entertainment
  • Foreign exchange trading

I will discuss these all above list of top 15 most profitable niche to start blogging in my next post as the post is getting longer for me. Any type of suggestion/ feedback will be highly appreciated. I would like to add a small point in the last, always try to look your passion but with such niche which pay you something if you want to earn.



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