Mobilink Z-Games

Mobilink Z-Games is an online gaming store just introduced. Just visit and customers can purchase or download any games from here by using their Mobilink prepaid connection. Click any game to buy and the amount will deducted from user prepaid credit just in Rs.30 per game and download will start instantly.

  In Mobilink Z-games there are a lot of games. We have series of A-Z games but dragonball games are very interesting some dragonball games are listed below

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DragonBall Z (Buyū Retsuden)

            Buyū Retsuden is a 2D fighting game available at Mobilink Z-Games. This game not only had a japan release but also have a French release that only went to few countries. There is a fine characters selection to choose from. This game is totally focus on the fighting itself and doesn’t follow any story. Character can battle in the air or on the ground based on the push of the button.

Buyu Retsuden

Dragon GT top 10Dragon GT

The really great thing about this game is that you can unlock the various characters to play as, such as Piccolo, Super Saiyan 4 Goku, Vegeta and vice versa. The ability to unlock different characters adds a bit of replay ability to the game, but not much, which is why this game is on top 10 dragonball games.

Dragon BallDragonball

This game was released in Japan only, and is based on the events of Dragon ball from very beginning up until. The fighting system of the game is pretty well done too, though it is not the greatest. The system would be slightly fixed in a game called Dragon ball Z. This game is also in the top 10 Dragon ball games.

Hyper DimensionDragonball Z (Hyper Dimension for the Super Famicom)

This game is focuses on ground base fighting, but characters can jump into the backgrounds to attack opponents just like in Fatal Fury 2 clone. This game is pretty decent fighting game that reminds the Fatal Fury 2 clone. This game has basic overview on these three villians of DBZ, which are Frieza, Cell and Majin Buu.