Mobilink Wifi and Speednet USB Device:-

Mobilink Wifi devices in addition to already have USB Dongles. Now from Mobilink Wi-Fi and USB device customers enjoy 3G mobile broadband. Mobilink will launch products and services that maximize the utility of our 10MHz 3G spectrum.

Wi-Fi Device:-

Mobilink Wi-fi device is available at Mobilink Business Center across Pakistan. This device is has special 3G packages and allow its customers to create hotspot for Wi-Fi connectivity up to almost 10 devices. Mobilink 3G is currently available in almost 200 cities of Pakistan.

Speednet Device:-

Mobilink speednet USB dongle is providing to its customers the flexibility to connect with 3G network and enjoy high speed internet. Its internet speed reaching up to 7.2 Mbps. This USB dongles are compatible with USB supported laptops and desktops of all brands. The device is plug, play and comes with packaged software for installation. This is available at Mobilink Customer Care Centers almost all over in Pakistan such as in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Quetta, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Multan.


Difference between Wi-Fi device and USB Dongles

Many of its customers is confuse about Mobilink Wi-Fi device and USB Dongles. They don’t know which is suitable for their work so the main difference between the Wi-Fi device and USB dongles is:

Mobilink Wi-Fi device Operates without USB socket, and can run on battery for six hours. It creates Wi-Fi hotspot.

Mobilink speednet USB is not connects without any laptop or PC it will need a Laptop/Computer USB socket to operate. It can be used with a single computer at a time. It won’t create Wi-Fi hotspot.



Mobilink Wifi and Dongles Prices:-

These devices available across the Pakistan at a below Prices

Mobilink Dongles is available in Rs.1000

Mobilink Wi-Fi Devices is available in Rs.1400



Mobilink gives amazing bundles to its customers. Customers can easily subscribe and enjoy these bundles. Following are the subscription bundles. Also 20GB free internet is available for the first month

  • Monthly 30GB + 20GB Free: Rs.1,500 per month
  • Monthly 40GB + 20GB Free: Rs.2,000 per month

As I mention above Mobilink gives these amazing packages with high speed internet. What your opinion about Wi-Fi and USB devices with their bundles? Theses devices are helpful or not?

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