Mobilink and Warid are going to Merge into One Company

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Over the past years there has been a very tough competition in the Pakistan Telecom market between Mobilink , Telenor, Ufone and Warid. And as days passes it tends to grow. But if you are unaware there’s been a deal going on between two telecom companies which have decided to become to merge together and become one. Yeah right Pakistan two telecom companies Mobilink and Warid have decided to merge as a one company.

We can confirm for now that it’s true and not a rumor but we don’t have much details now. But the source from government of Pakistan has confirmed that the deal is on and VimpelCom will soon announce it in few hours.

VimpleCom and Dhabi were stakeholder of Warid but now as we know the Dhabi group has exit the Pakistan telecom market  which makes VimpleCom the sole stakeholder of Warid. Even before the deal Mobilink was on the first position and Telenor on the second. Deal with Ward will allow Mobilink more to strengthen their share in the market and make sure they stay on the top position as the suscribers after the deal will be around 44-46 Million but still the Telenor will retain its 2nd position with up to 33 million suscribers.

Mobilink and Warid has take a great step and who knows how great it might prove for Pakistan Telecom Industry in the upcoming years. As this is a developing story you can expect a lot more.

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Soruce: ProPakistani