Microsoft HoloLens | Holographic Computing

Yes, it’s a whole new era of technology and we are technology dependent. Getting started early in the morning and then going back to bed at night, its automation, technology and machinery everywhere. We can’t think of leaving technology behind and lead a simple life where you have no automation and no machinery. Put yourself in this position, can you spend a day not working on your laptop and not taking your phone with you that particular day? No you can’t. If we are so much dependent and addicted to this technology thing, why not take a step forward? Why not make our life easier and take more benefit out of it.

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Holographic Computing

It’s Holographic Computing we are talking about. The science of interacting with Holograms. Generating 3D images instead of an image displayed by lenses. Holographic Computing is the suitable illumination and diffraction of coherent light to form a physical 3D image structure, A Hologram. Which then requires some media to see and observe.

Microsoft HoloLens by Aqil Amjid Khan

Microsoft has built the first totally tether free Holographic computer known as “Microsoft HoloLens”. It facilitates high-definition holograms to come into your practical life and blend-in with your real places, surroundings and objects. Microsoft HoloLens unlocks all the new and innovative ways for you to work, play and communicate. It’s called the mixed experience reality.

“When you change the way you see the world, you can change the world you see” – Microsoft

Microsoft HoloLens is way beyond just being able to see a hologram. It enables you to create what you have in your mind, work efficiently and give life to innovative ideas. Microsoft HoloLens lets you interact in a more natural way by using your voice and vision. It’s the world’s most advanced Holographic Computing apparatus built on Windows 10 family core which alters how you co-operate, connect and explain things, to a more convenient and efficient way

Microsoft HoloLens Hardware

The latest and advanced components of Microsoft HoloLens makes Holographic computing possible. It works on lock-step technology (running same set of operations in parallel and in the same time to a level of satisfaction in the presence of faults) and a processing unit which amounts large data per second.

HoloLens by Micro

Comfortable Design

All the components are placed such that the weight is evenly distributed. Like any other high performance hardware it’s designed to keep everything balanced and keep safe all the parts of your head from any unwanted pressure. It has an adjustment wheel which ensures to fit around a wide range of heads.

High Performance | Grace

Comes with more power than an average laptop and doesn’t require any fan to cool it out. You don’t need any sort of connection to your PC, Cell phone or anything, Move free and untethered. Microsoft HoloLens brings you beyond screens, devices and digital borders.

Advance Internal components

Microsoft HoloLens has got some real advance sensors which knows what you are doing, your surroundings and the kind of environment you are in. It’s a high performance Sensor Fusion.

The Advanced Optics lets you see through any high-definition hologram, in full color and no time delay.

It’s HPU (Holographic Processing Unit) can process a large amount of data per second. Microsoft HoloLens senses your environment and understands all your gestures.

Its built-in speakers are not speakers but copy of the effect of sounds in the real world. Same as you hear different sounds from specific locations. It gives the sound of a particular hologram exactly same as your distance from it and also regarding all other factors like speed and direction of wind etc.

Microsoft HoloLens Experience

Beyond the screen

Hologram is a latest and new thing for you to interact with. You can learn a whole lots of things and bring creativity into your ideas because the Microsoft HoloLens listens what you say and gets your vision about a particular thing that you have in your mind and you want to create it. See things happening in front of you just the way your mind visualized it.

Microsoft HoloLens experience by Aqil Amjid Khan


Microsoft HoloLens helps you pin the holograms at physical positions where it’s more convenient to work. It helps you intelligently map all your room with holograms and put them in more suitable place, so that they work properly and also you can work easily from that specific position.

Natural Interaction

You’ve got no screen, no button and no mouse to click on it. Microsoft HoloLens works on your gestures, glance and your voice. Different apps recognize your voice and gestures and acts accordingly in the most natural way possible. Now you can create like never before because your gestures and whatever you say is the most appropriate sign matching the vision inside your mind.

Holographic Computing

What else do you need?

When you are beyond the screen and interacting with your gestures and voice more conveniently and creating what you have in your mind just by moving your hands. What else you want?

Create what you imagine, visualize your work and elaborate easily by this whole new technology of Holographic Computing and Microsoft HoloLens.

Microsoft HoloLens is a big step in latest technology and is going to be very helpful in every sector. It has worked on software like Trimble and a game MineCraft. And it’s going to be more helpful and more versatile in all aspects by working with other partners like AutoDesk and Unity etc.