LG G5 Latest Rumors, Specs, Price, Concept, Release date and many more



LG is going now on the way to release the best smartphones, upcoming LG G5 will come very soon with the latest gadget, features and new tasted technology. As LG G4 come and hit the market on huge basis, people liked LG G4 smartphone which back is made-up of Plastic and leather. As in the design department LG give new design in the form of Leather and also by produced something new design it’s left behind by Samsung, HTC, Apple and Sony etc.

There’s not too much rumors circulating yet about LG G5 but we will sure that we cover that all Specs and Features to leak in the overall world. As the LG G4 come with new features and make it all, there has a question on G4 back side and also have more. But this time they are covering almost all the department for us and give a new smartphone more secure to the market.

In this article we are going to tell you the specs, price, release date and also concept. G5 is going to be launched in 2016 but not sure fully that in which quarter they will launch.


Rumors suggest that designs and some feature are looking to build. The rear or main button in the mid of the LG G5. 5.6 inch screen which you can easily use by one hand. A lot of new features include in the body of latest smartphone G5. The power off or locked button on the back of flagship. But one thing that is be the part of G5 flagship, fingerprint scanner which make your phablet more secure than first you not secure if someone thief your phone. So this phablet is going to eat other smartphone, reason is that coming with all metal body and use latest features which will be available at mid-range.



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Latest Specs:

We are looking to huge change in this latest flagship from LG by producing G5 in the next year. Here you know the specification about G5. G5 will be launch in 1st Quarter of 2016. So let check the specification.


Model Name LG G5
Operating system Current 2016 Android Operating system
Battery 4100mAh
Rare Camera 20 MP
Front Camera 5.1 MP
Camera Features 3D Camera, Auto Focus, Digital image Stabilization, Dual LED
Color options White, Black, Blue, Gold, Copper
Features Retina Eye Scanner, Wireless charging Technology
Internal Memory 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB
External Memory Up-to 128 GB
Processor Snapdragon 810 chipset Octa-Core 2.9 GHz
Sensors Barometer, Compass, dust proof, heart rate, Shock-proof
Screen display 5.6 inch Quad HD 4K with 545 ppi
Video 90 fps
Price $800 – 900 USD

Specs are giving the best look to Smartphone and LG G5 have almost all that quality which we are demanding. Specs of the G5 is looking great, we will wait little more to get that phone with unique and amazing features. As new 3D camera which give more nice resolution and better pictures. 3D camera will have more enjoyable to record our special moment.



Feature of G5 is not been officially conform but we are expected integration of 3d camera, Wireless charging, Retina Eye scanning technology and much more have in LG G5. This all are suggestion take birth but we all are expected that almost all will be cover in the shape of G5.


As the rumors suggest and convey the beautiful shape of G5, where we all social persons and we need to communicate more through social networks. As the beautiful shape of G5 but we always demanding huge battery life that we use more function in a day. Every big flagship come but there is some problem that we all facing of battery life. But the rumors we are getting through different links about battery capacity. 4100mAh Battery capacity, so this give us more usage and on that we could use LG latest smartphone G5 for 2 to 3 day which is something unique from the smartphone industry. We will remind you that LG latest G5 battery capacity is 4100mAh which mean that you will use your phablet for at least 3 days.

Lg G5 battery


As we write above on the battery that G5 is coming with huge battery life. LG G5 have also big resolution camera not only the rear camera they improve but also front camera have many features.

Rare camera have 20 MP which is something great to capture. And a lot of new features are here in G5, you will be able to capture something 3D mode and also having auto-focus mode and many other beauty mode available.


Front camera have full capacity of show you more beautiful you are and a lot of modes are available for us to get Selfie in different styles. Front Camera have 5.1 MP, don’t look to the numbers but go through resolution. G5 have much resolution to give you smart result.

Lg G5


LG G5 Release date:

We all not conformed that when this flagship will be arrive in the market but we calculated the date that LG will be almost like to launch LG G5 in march 2016. We will wait for the G5 and to see competition with other smartphone those will launch also in 2016, some of the phone are likely to launch their product in 2016 which are Samsung Galaxy S7, IPhone 7 and also from HTC.


LG is now on the way of launching G5 but all the rumors come from different links and suggetion for price is that this Flagship will be around $800 to $900. which mean all thing going on the right path.


Smartphone will have nice technology to use, almost in every department LG worked and they will get the benefit of that. LG G5 have 4100mAh battery, 20 MP rare camera and 5.1 MP front Camera. Also Snapdragon 810 Chipset processor. Fingerprint Scanner, 4k display and a lot more. This phone have a lot of capability to beat many smartphones. Here you can check the Source.