Learn to Earn Through Blogging in Pakistan

Day 1:

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             A six days workshop has been organized by the IM bloggers association from the 10th till the 16th October, 2015. It will be a two hours’ workshop each day. The workshop is basically for the beginners who want to learn blogging in Pakistan. People of all age groups can attend the workshop belonging to any institution.

                  On Saturday, 10th October, 2015, the first day of the workshop, was an introductory session in which the people were convinced about blogging. Approximately 50 people attended the workshop.

           Mohammad Ismail, the speaker, Asad Ashfaq, the manager and the other team members of IM bloggers were the people due to whose efforts the workshop took place. Everyone was equally involved. At the start of the workshop a motivational video of an Indian blogger, Sandeep Maheshwari was shown. The students thoroughly enjoyed it. After that Ismail gave a speech about his life history, his background and how he started to write blogs. Through his experiences and struggle it was clear that the background you come from doesn’t matter. What matters is how much successful you become and the name you earn. And also that FAILURE IS THE FIRST KEY TO SUCCESS!  He encouraged them to be independent, to focus on their goal and to be passionate. Our goal should be to LEARN, EARN, HAVE CONFIDENCE AND TO BE BELIEVE IN OUR SELVES!

          He introduced the table of contents after his life history. It covered all the topics which the people would be learning during the workshop. It included all the aspects of blogging like what a blog really is, what blogging is and who a blogger is. SEO and its types were also mentioned as it is the basic element of a blog. Blog is any article written on daily basis. It can be on a specific niche or on our daily happenings or on can even relate to their personal life. This is the beauty of BLOGGING that one is not limited to any topic. Also by writing blogs an individual can develop the writing skills, can improve his vocabulary, learn new things, brand his name, and most importantly he can EARN! That is everyone’s main area of interest and it should be. A person can fulfill his needs, he can support his family, he can build his identity, and he can do anything just through blogging!  He also taught that rules are very important to follow while blogging and one has to do everything legally as Google have their own conditions.

            Questions could be asked in the middle of the session as well as after the session if any queries.  The best part about blogging is that it is not restricted to any gender. Females of Pakistan and especially KP face the problems of jobs. So they can write blogs by just sitting in their rooms. All one needs is a LAPTOP, TIME AND BLOG.

        Ismail ended the workshop with a very inspiring quote that, “Peace is through sharing and not through earning”.  The feedback from the audience was quite positive.


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