Khan Academy its Application for Android

The famous non-profit platform running by khan Academy has announced their android application. It also announced the release of redesign of exciting IPhone App. Now android smartphone users also use khan’s application for the purpose of learning.

Khan academy android app

Online education platforms from where people can learn anything from the comfort of their home are getting huge interest to netizens. Khan academy is looking to gain momentum and it seems to be of the best players in the industry with a category of thousand education video available for everyone free of cost. Unlike courser and some other services available which have a for-profit model, khan academy has been championing for free availability of thousands of educational content.

Now we tell you little bit about the redesign of IPhone exciting app. New features of exciting app like an offline learning mode and can now sync your IPhone with your laptop or PC to keep academy progress up to date on all devices. The upgrade features, however, are not included in khan academy android application.