Jelly Garden Blast Revie

Inspired by the concept of Candy Crush, Jelly Garden Blast is a free to play  totally amazing puzzle game. Independently developed and designed by Adam Irvine. Play Through each level hoping to hit the stars to unlock more juicy levels in this enchanting adventure.

It is one of the most amazing and addicting games you will ever find on the app store, which in its own way is good and bad thing. Why? Because it incredibly engaging and fun to play, it will push your limits to solve the puzzle and you won’t give unless you’ve solved it. The game follows a regular increase in difficulty pattern that is you play the game and it will get difficult as you clear each level. Whereas the early levels are easy to clear, later levels will get difficult which will test your limit and mind capabilities. Which makes it a good game to increase mind activity and making your brain a healthy one.


The overall gameplay is entertaining and you will never get bored. As far as the addiction of the game is concerned we can guarantee you that you will be coming back again and again in order to play it. So why wait? Download it and get lost into the amazing world of Jelly Garden Blast.

You can download the game from here