IronKey S1000 secure USB drive review | Best USB for enterprises use

The new Ironkey s1000 Latest USB 3.0  is a new technological Beauty with a latest design and best for enterprises use.
This beautiful USB has been launched in February 2015, the simple metal design of this USB has been just perfect and almost every single significant storage vendor has one of this product. It is basically the successor of its previous version which was started in 2008, that is the very first USB of iron key.

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Ironkey s1000- Diaryinc

A very good and interesting question comes into the mind that business still wants USB when cloud services on its peak level and every single organization is using cloud services, so why would a firm still use a USB?

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The answer of this question is that indeed cloud services are very good for every organization, but we cannot ignore the drawback of this service, cloud service is very complicated than a normal USB, but we’re still not sure whether a physical USB key will win many new converts in 2015. The organizations which are using these Ironkey USB’s are still using it and they are happy with the performance of this latest USB 3.0.

This USB also has the password security option just like its previous version (D250). It allows a variety of parameters to be password set by policy, including minimum password strength, the number of retries allowed and on which system drives can be used and the most important thing in this USB is that users can also recover the password if it is lost or the data is somehow lost so it can easily recover with its wide security options.

Coming towards its physical surface, it is shock proof to military standards, also features modern USB 3.0, and uses dual-channel MLC flash chips that can be written to at a claimed 400MB/sac with a long life expectancy for repeated use. The encryption is XTS-AES 256-bit hardware acceleration.

The usage of this Modern Ironkey s1000 USB is very simple, when you simply plug in this USB to your PC it will bring a locked screen and you have to enter your password in order to unlock this USB and then you can use it easily.

Issues with this Ironkey s1000 USB:

alt="IronKey USB 3.0 s1000"

Ironkey s1000- Diaryinc

We have found two issues with this USB device:

  1. The first issue is with the length and size of this USB means that when used with a laptop, it sticks out in a way that risks being accidentally knocked. Another thing is that when you left this Ironkey USB in the laptop for a few hours, the heating issue is caused and it can seriously damage your laptop USB slots and it is also dangerous for the laptop, as it can affect the laptops heating capacity.
  2. The other issue we have found is the price of this USB, the standard Ironkey 8 GB USB will cost you around £150 plus, which makes it a specialist purchase even for organizations that value the security and compliance on offer. Even if this USB gives you discount for employees but still not every employee can take and handle this USB with their selves because of the high price.

Our Opinion:

Although we have found two defects in this USB, but still this USB gives you more security option and you can increase your productivity so this is not a bad option to buy this USB and save and secure your data with the help of Ironkey USB Security options.

Yes, we believe that not every single employee can buy this USB because of the high cost, but this price is not too much for the big organizations, so they can buy this USB in bulk and they can give it to their employees so that they can use this Ironkey USB.

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