IPhone 8 specifications, release date and rumors | Android killer

The success of apple iphone is increasing day by day. Apple has revealed that the new iphone 8 will be release two years from now because the apple developers are working so hard in the new technology for iphone 8. It is expected that the new mobile phone will be an android killer people will shift completely to this iphone and it will create a huge disaster for android mobile phones. The developers of apple iphone are working on the new dimensions of technology for the success of this new giant phone. It is expected that this mobile phone will be the most beautiful phone of time. Apple is working on the new shape and design of iphone and this phone will have new amazing features. So why should we wait for 2 more years for this phone, lets discuss the new amazing features of it, the expected release date for this phone and the rumors and specifications are given in this post.

Iphone 8 specifications, release date and rumors

IPHONE 8 Features:

Iphone 8 with Bigger RAM:

Previously iphone has given the RAM (Random Access Memory) up to 2GB, but the amazing feature of iphone 8 is that it will come with a 4GB of RAM Memory. This feature will lead the user to use multiple apps at the same time easily and smoothly. There will be no more lagging in the mobile phone. Now with a bigger RAM you can also install and play heavy, 3d games on your iphone , this new cell phone update with a bigger RAM will also give u a option of MULTIWINDOW that is, now you can simultaneously open multiple apps on your smartphone.


Advancement in technology is increasing day by day and Apple Company knows how to efficiently use this technology in their mobile phone. The new mobile phone will be 100% water resistance power so in the future you will carry a full water proof phone in your pocket or in your hand, so you will not have to worry about you mobile device if it falls into the water. This technology will leads apple to new glory because the iphone was expected to be very much brittle and if you drop your iphone your device will be very much affected from this. So now iPhone developers working on this thing and in the future we will have fully strong and water resistance iphone in our hand.


The new Gorgeous Design of iphone 8:

The new apple smartphone will force you to forget all the past mobile phones because the new apple smartphone will have a special new luxury design. It will have full pure metal body on its corners which will create a beautiful shining effect on your phone. The steel effect will be all over the new Mobile device. The main button on the home screen will also be covered with the steel effect. The main screen button will be inside the screen and it will be touch button. Another rumors about the new iphone  is that the back will be covered with extra screen glass which will make this mobile phone the most sleek and stylish phone.


More Storage with iphone 8

Apple iphone is very much famous for its huge storage capacity, the apple iphone 3g has started from 8GB and it cover a long distance of storage the past iphone 6 and 6 plus has expanded their storage to 120GB which is huge capacity and all of your data will be easily store in that capacity. But this time apple will have much more storage than previous.

Yes!! this amazing mobile phone will have internal 164GB of storage and it will also have EXTERNAL SD CARD slot. Apple will give their customers a huge surprise by giving such massive storage which will cover you huge data in the iphone 8.

Bigger Battery, Wireless Charging:

Apple iphone 8 will be the massive mobile phone, due to its new design, storage, screen capacity, screen quality; it will need more power to perform smoothly. So apple smartphone will have a massive 3440 maH battery which is enough to give 2 day battery backup. Previously apple iphone has a weak point regarding their battery timings so apple is currently working on that and in the future we’ll have a bigger battery life.

The new feature of iphone will be wireless charging feature, which will allow you to charge your new mobile phone without plugging the wire in the switch board every time. So the wireless charging feature will let you move freely with your smartphone within a given range and the iphone will be charge automatically through wireless signals. There is a rumor about the this phone is that the there will be a small wireless charging spot on the upper side of this cell phone and it will be a part of its new stylish design.

Another amazing  feature is that the future iphone will have the fast charging capacity that is you can simply charge your mobile device 10 minutes and it will give you up to 4 hours battery backup.

iphone 7 charger


There is a new  feature and It is expected this smartphone will improve the current findmyphone app. recently this app only allow the users to trace the location of the mobile phone if it is stolen or lost. However in the future it is expected that the apple developers will release more accurate FINDMYPHONE app, for example if the phone is lost or stolen by someone so it will not be any use to the thieves. That will help the users that someone else can’t use their private and secret data if the phone is lost.

Iphone 8 specifications, release date and rumors

New display of iphone 8:

As we know that apple iphone biggest rival is SAMSUNG, so Samsung has increased its screen resolution to the new dimensions the new Samsung handsets have so fine screen quality that the viewer is completely stick to that screen. So the apple developers have start working on the mobile screens and it is expected that the new apple smartphone will have 4k HD screen quality. The new iphone feature is expected that the it will have a 5inch full HD display. It will create beautiful view of pictures and screen quality for its viewer. This amazing iphone 8 feature will let the iphone to the new glory of success because this amazing feature is not used by any other mobile phone.


Iphone 8 DSLR Camera:

The new feature about the future iphone is that there will be an update in camera; this mobile phone will come with a high quality 21mp camera with dual shot and special blur effect. You can say that the iphone 8 will be a mini DSLR, because it has all the features of DSLR camera. It will also have quad sensors for camera which will focus on you image and give you a best result. The front camera of this smartphone will also be updated to 6mp which is again giving you fantastic photo result. The camcorder will allow you to shot  4k video recording.

Iphone 8 specifications, release date and rumors

Iphone 8 Price & Release Date:

As we all know that apple usually launches its mobile phone once in a year so it is expected that this smartphone will be release and available in the market in the end of November 2016. But apple is very much famous for its surprises and this phone is already coming with lots of surprises so may be apple launch this amazing mobile phone in the start of 2016.

Talking about the price of this smartphone it is assumed that the 64 GB will be round about $1,300 and the 164GB price will be around $1500.


As we have seen in the past that apple usually launches two versions for their phone. So it is expected that the coming iphone  will have its partner iphone 8S. The features of iphone 8s will be the same as the previous one. But this will be the previous one update version, the update of screen size which will be 5.7inch and bigger battery that will be 3720 maH. So it will be a massive phone with bigger qualities and functions.

Iphone 8 specifications:

The general specification are  given bellow:

RAM memory: 4GB

APPLE A10 chip.

Screen Size: 5 inch

Camera: 21mp back with dual shot and 6mp front with auto focus.

Camcorder: higher resolution 4k recording, 750 FPS

Storage Capacity: 32GB, 64GB, 120GB, 164GB.

Battery: 3440 maH with wireless & fast charging.

Colors: Black, White, Blue, Pink

Operating System: IOS 10.