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As we know in the past that apple has launched his tremendous mobile iphone in the market which has created a large market share for apple. Iphone 6 has created a much good success and for sure it was one of the most successful phones of apple mobile history. So in the coming months iphone 7 is expecting and there are many gossips and rumors about them. Apple hasn’t announced the exact date of iphone 7 but for sure it will announce in the end of 2k15 or in the start of 2k16. The market share of apple iphone depends upon the quality mobile they are announcing just like when apple launches iphone 6 and just after that their customer has found that it is very much bendable so it was negative aspect of iphone 6 and this thing decreases the market share of apple iphone. So this time apple has to really think about the new apple iphone 7 deeply because apple have very tough competition now a day’s many companies are competing with the  iphone and the customers are giving very much attention to them. Apple iphone market share will be highly depended on iphone 7 and then after the launch of iphone 7 we will see whether the market share is been decreasing or the iphone 7 will take the market share of apple to the new glory.

iphone 7 release date


There are plenty of rumors about the coming iphone 7 but here I’ll discuss those rumors which may be a reality in the coming future

Size of Iphone 7:

It is assumed that the coming iphone 7 will be the same size as of iphone 6 I-e 4.7 inch, the reason is that this is a very best size for a phone.  Everyone can easily carry it out and whole screen is reachable with one hand so apple may be use the same screen size. There are might be chances that apple will announce iphone 7s or iphone 7c with a greater screen size. The reason may be that there are many customers of apple and within the customers there are different categories some of them want a bigger screen size and some wants a smaller so apple will also consider this point.

Iphone 7 with Laser Keyboard:

In the past there are few phones which come with a laser keyboard and due to this unique quality they were among the best phones for office use. There is another rumor about the iphone 7 that the iphone 7 will have a laser keyboard  and if this is correct it will create a big advantage for the business man because they will use the iphone more than their laptop and pc because it was easy for them t use the iphone with a keyboard. Apple is currently working on that and if this became true it was for sure one of the greatest achievement of iphone that they launch these unique features.

apple iphone 7 laser keboard


Iphone 7 with a Greater Battery Capacity:

Another rumor about the coming apple iphone 7 is that the new iphone 7 will have a greater battery of 3420maH, greater battery means greater power, greater work and long lasting experience with iphone. The past iphone 6 has 1810 maH battery. Although it was good battery life but not that much as compare to other companies who are giving more backup and large battery timings. So this time apple is giving their customer a bigger battery time. This is one of the biggest aspects of a mobile phone-e Battery. Apple iphone users are complaining since the start of the iphone 3g that this mobile has some battery issue, firstly it is non removable battery and the other thing is that it has a low power and every time their customer has to plug in the charger so apple is considering this thing in mind ad they are developing their new and big battery with high power.

iphone 7 longer battery life

Iphone 7 Edge:

There is another rumor about the coming iphone 7 is that apple is copying the latest Samsung “edge” design and the new iphone 7 will have a one or double sided edge on the corners, may be apple is copying this design because this is the latest of the time and people all around the world are liking this design very much. If iphone 7 has pick up this edge design it has many unique feature like you may add ur pictures on the edge corners or you can add your favorite quotes, shortcuts to your favorite apps or whatever you want you can get on your edge corners.

Edge is coming in new iphone 7


Iphone 7 with a Higher Resolution Camera/Camcorder:

Another rumor about the coming iphone 7 is about the latest camera that iphone 7 is offering with a higher 13 mega pixel result and with a quardcore sensors in it just like a beautiful and heavy Digital Camera. If iphone is following this thing it will be a massive entry in the market or you can say that iphone will be have a special DSLR effects in the phone which will create a stunning photo for you. It will raise the apple market share if iphone 7 has this unique feature.

Another thing about the iphone 7 is that the front camera of the coming iphone 7 will be 5mp with a special feature of blueness. It will help the person to take shot of his self while blurring the outside environment it will shot a massive quality picture with focus on you and not on any other thing. When we look out at the current market of mobile phone we analyze that now people are more focusing on the camera quality then the mobile phone so if iphone take this step it will be a massive step for iphone. Talking about the camcorder the new iphone 7 will have 4k video recording for a best quality video with a pixel density of 500fps, that has been never captured from any other set.

iphone 7 with DSLR camera

Iphone 7 Storage Capacity:

The iphone 7 will have the same memory which we have seen in the past iphone model. 32, 64, 124GB of space will be provided to the iphone users. Being in mind iphone handsets are very much famous for their large capacity of storage. An iphone user can simple take many advantages from the storage.

iphone 7 storage

iphone 7 storage

Iphone 7 with Wireless charging:

There is another rumor about the iphone 7 is that iphone 7 will have wireless charging function so it will be easy for iphone users to charge their new iphone 7 with this new feature iphone will have the slot of wireless charging on the back of the iphone which will create signals connection with the charger.

iphone 7 charger

Price of Iphone 7

The rumor about the prize of iphone 7, as we know that apple is always charge high for their mobile phone. The similar case will be with the coming iphone 7 price of an iphone will be vary with the storage capacity and that’s a very much unique point about the iphone that when the storage capacity of an iphone device increases its price will also be increases with them just like that the coming iphone 7 32 GB will cost 545 pound or $844 dollars or in Pakistani currency it will cost 84,400. Similarly iphone 7 64 GB will be available at 630 pound or $976 dollars and 120GB will be priced at 710 pound or $1100 dollars.

And if apple also launches the new iphone 7s, or iphone 7c it will cost more because it will be higher screen size and higher capacity it will be available at 760 pounds or $1180 dollars.

General Specs of an iphone 7:

RAM Memory: 2GB

Apple A10 chip

Screen size: 4.7 inch

Camera: 13mp back and 5mp front with dual shot lens.

Camcorder: higher resolution 4k recording, 550 FPS.

Storage: 32GB, 64GB, 120GB.

Resolution: 1920×1080.

Battery: 3420 maH with wireless charging.

Colors: black, white, wine, purple.

Operating system: IOS 9.

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