iPhone 7 release date, rumours, price and specification

There are many rumors about the release date, features and specifications of iPhone7. Many websites have posted stuff about it and so are we going to do. Apple is going to release its iPhone 7 soon and you will hear iPhone 7 Rumors at many places. Since Apple has released its iPhone 1, iPhone 2, iPhone 3, iPhone 4 and so on. Now, it’s the turn of iPhone 7. In this article, we are going to predict and tell you the iPhone 7 specifications, price and iPhone 5 release date.  We are going to tell you about the iPhone market as well and tell you which iPhone you need to buy right now. The iPhone 7 release date, rumors, price and specifications will be told in this article and the iPhone 7 price and specs as well so we will start from now. First, we will tell you the specs of iPhone 6.

Specs of iPhone 6 :

iphone 6 iPhone 7 release date, rumours, price and specification

iPhone 6 is a remarkable phone. It’s not only bigger yet dramatically very thinner. iPhone 6 is influenced of iPad air. It has iOs 8 operating system installed in it. The body is of aluminum and physical size is 4.7. Its resolution  is 740×1334 pixels  and has a multi touch touchscreen.  Many rumors are there on the web such as iPhone 7 release date, rumours, price and specifications. We will tell you about the iPhone market and the prices of different iPhones. (iPhone 1, iPhone 2 have never been existed and so have iPhone 2g.

More features of iPhone 6 include Light sensor, proximity sensor and many more. The technology used in iPhone 6 is IPS LCD.  It has 8 mega pixels camera and dual led. Its front camera that you can use for skype and other video calls is 1.2 mega pixels but it’s really very clear and better than other smartphone cameras. The system chip of iPhone 6 is Apple A8.

There are many posts about iPhone 7 release date, rumours, price and specification

The processor of the phone is Dual core, 1400 MHz, Cyclone and it’s 64 bit. The battery of iPhone 6 will last for 250 hours that’s 10.4 days if it’s standby. And if you use it to talk and 3g then it’s 14 hours. It has safari browser by default included in it. There is a lot of things going around in the iPhone market.

Price of iPhone 6:

Its MSRP price for 16 GB is $649 and for 32 GB is $749.

Specs of iPhone 6 Plus :

iphone 5 iPhone 7 release date, rumou rs, price and s pecification iPhone 1 , iPhone 2

The biggest surprise for iPhone users is the new and big size of iPhone and Apple really stunned them. It has a full HD 1920X1080 display while the iPhone 6 can only maximize its resolution to 740×1334. The iPhone 6 plus boasts a 401 PPi display and is yet more powerful and speedy than iPhone / It comes in Silver, Gol and Spray colours. The iPhone market is sometimes going up and sometimes going down.

Web has been somewhat covered by the iPhone 7 rumors, iPhone 7 price  and iPhone 7 specifications.

The very good thing about it is that it is bendable. You can bend the new iPhone 6 Plus and place it in your pocket. Like this, iPhone 6 has many other features as well. Its OS is updgradapble to Ios 8.3 Like iPhone 6, it has an Apple A8 chipset.  The processor is Dual-core 1.4 GHz Cyclone and it has 8 mega pixel rear camera that’s extremely hd and you can take high quality pictures with this camera. Like iPhone 6 , it has safari (Html 5) web browser using which you can browse the web and stream videos etc. There is no iPhone 1 and iPhone 2 and  iPhone 2g.

Price of iPhone 6 Plus

The ebay price of iPhone 6 plus is $575 with free shipping. It’s for the used one.

Specs of iPhone 5 :

iphone 5 iPhone 7 release date, rumours, price and specification

Now, we will list the specifications of iPhone 5 and after that, iPhone 5s.

Specifications of iPhone 5 :

iPhone released date was September 2012.  It is thin, sleek and very capable The weight of of iPhone 5 is just 112 grams and you can easily hold it in your hands. Its size is 4.0 inches and its maximum resolution support is 640 x 1136 pixels. It comes in Ios 6, though you can upgrade it to iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 but it comes from the company packed in Ios 6 version of operating system. iPhone 5 has 8 MP which supports up to  3264 x 2448 pixels images that’s really HD and high quality images and it has autofocus on so it’s an extra feature in iPhone 6 Plus as well. It has Loudspeaker and 3.5 mm jack plus you can set your iPhone 5s and iPhone 7s to to vibration mode as well so another benefit as well. We are talking here about benefits and benefits and we guess that buying any iPhone is a benefit. Buying iPhone is a benefit itself and then buying the latest version of iPhone such as iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s then it’s really amazing.There isn’t any thing about the iPhone 1, iPhone 2 and iPhone 2g. iPhone market rocks nowadays and has always rocked.

There are many posts about iPhone 7 release date, rumours, price and specification and we will clear out these rumors but first we will and had told you about the price , specs and other information of other Apple iPhones such as iPhone 6, 6 plus, 5, 5s ,4 , 4s etc. Then we will tell you about the rumors of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 price. Phone 7 release date, rumours, price and specification are somewhat related to each other but no one is yet sure what will really be the price of iPhone 7s since Apple has not officially said anything about this release yet but still we are going of tell you about iPhone 7 rumors. There will be information about iPhone 7 release date, rumours, price and specification and much more.

So coming back to the feature and specifications of iPhone 5. It has up to 225 hours up time battery if it’s stand by and if it’s talk time then the battery can go for like 8 hours in 2g and 3g. It comes in various colors such as  Black/Slate, White/Silver. It comes in two types, 16 GB and 32 GB. Means you can either use 16 GB of memory iPhone else use 64 GB memory of iPhone. 16 GB is cheaper and 32 GB is a bit expensive than 16 GB. iPhone 2g has never come and iPhone 2 has never existed and iPhone market is rocking nowadays.

Price of iPhone 5 :


The price of iPhone 5 16 GB unlocked is $388.00 and 32 GB unlocked is $.500. 

Specifications of iPhone 5s :

iphone 5s iPhone 7 release date, rumou rs, price and s pecification iPhone 1 , iPhone 2

Apple 5s iPhone is with 4 inch hd display. It’s a great phone and worth of spending your money on. iPhone 5S was released in September 2013. It’s a multitouch smartphone and a very nice and cool smartphone and just like there are iPhone 7 rumors and iPhone 7 price and iPhone 7 specifications rumors but we have a full detail of Apple iPhone 5s and we will show it to you.  It comes in Ios 7 BUT YOU CAN ANYTIME UPGRADE IT TO Ios 8 and iOS 8.1 since Apple Operating systems are upgradeable.  It has has 8 Mp camera with 3264 x 2448 pixels which is clean HD and you can take high quality images with it. The camera is autofocus and can be more useful since it’s autofocus. It’s better than most of the of the other phones which  have more than 8 MP cameras. It has a protection of Corning Gorilla Glass. It’s battery is up to 250 hours if it’s standby and if it’s talk time then it’s 10 h and 10 h in 3g as well. If you are playing music on it then the battery will stand for for about 40 hours.

(Since you might have heard many iPhone 7 release date, rumours, price and specifications and in this post we will tell you about that. But first we will let you know about the features and specifications of other iPhones. iPhone 9, iPhone 10, all of them they will be released soon in the coming years and people will write about their specifications and we will write about the specifications of iPhone 9 and iPhone 10 as well)

Price of iPhone 5s

The price of iPhone 5s not unlocked from Apple store is $99 for 16 GB and $149 for 32 GB but this price is for not unlocked version.


Specifiactions of iPhone 4 :

iPhone 4, iPhone 8, iPhone 1, iPhone 10


Apple iPhone 4 is a smartphone with 3.5 inch display and a worthy smartphone for its price. The release date of this phone was June, 2010. It weighs 137 g and is not very large to be not able to carry. You can easily carry it and place it your pocket and anywhere you want. It comes in iOs 4 operating system but you can upgrade it to iOS 8 and 8.1.  It has the chipset of Apple A4. The sad thing is that it has no slot for memory and you can’t install a memory card in it means you can’t put in a memory card in iPhone 4. It comes in 8,16,32 GB and has 512 MB ram. It has loudspeaker and a 3.5mm jack. You can also set iPhone 4 to vibration. In stand by time , the battery of this phone will remain for 300 hours and in talk time it will remain for 14 h in 3g and 17 hours in 2g. That’s a benefit as well. There are many benefits of using these phones and one of them  is the long time of the of battery.

Price of iPhone 4 :

The not unlocked version is starting from like 140 $. You can search for its price though but the starting price is 140$.

Specifications of iPhone 4s :

iPhone 4s, iPhone 8, iPhone 1, iPhone 10

Apple iPhone 7 is a smartphone with 3.5 inch display and a great phone to buy. It was released in October 2011. It weighs 140 g and has LED-backlit IPS LCD. It is easy to carry and can be easily put in the pocket while walking around. Its weight is very less and normal. Like iPhone 4, it has no memory card slot as well. Means that you can’t install a memory card in in it else you cant put a memory card in iPhone 4s. It comes in iOS 5 and can be updagraded to iOS 8 and and 8.1 which are the latest Apple operating systems for its devices like iPhones and iPads. It has the Apple A5 chipset. Its CPU is Dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A9 which is a nice CPU. It has 8 MP camera and  supports up to 3264 x 2448 pixels images which are extremely high quality and hd and it has autofocus enabled. iPhone 4s comes in black and white colors. Its battery is up to 200 h with standby and talktime and 3g, its battery is up to 8 h and talk time and 2g its battery is upto 14 hours. If you play music on it, then its battery is up to 40 hours.

Price of iPhone 4s :

The price of iPhone 4s 16 GB unlocked is 182$.  The price of iPhone 4s 32 GB unlocked in used version  is $280.

(Note : Many people are searching for iPhone 7 release date, rumours, price and specifications and here we will tell you about that but first we have told you about the specifications of other iPhones and then we will tell you about the iPhone 7 rumors, specification and prices. People are also searching for iPhone 8, iPhone 9 and iPhone 10 and we write about iPhone 8 and iPhone 10 when their release time is near. iPhone 10 and iPhone 8 WILL BE A HELL OF SMARTPHONES that’s what we predict. iPhone 8 and iPhone 10 will destroy every other iPhone’s reputation and everyone will buy iPhone 8 and iPhone 10.)


Specifications of iPhone 3g:

iphone 3g, iphone market, iphone 1, iphone 8, iphone 2, iphone 10,

Apple iPhone 3g smartphone is a phone with with -inch 320×480 display. It has 412 mhz processor. Though is very old but as it’s the quote old is gold. There are many people in the world who still use the iPhone 3gs so that’s why we wrote the iPhone 3gs specifications here. It weighs 133g and is easy to carry by yourself and put it in the pocket of your shirt and pant. It comes with iOS and is only upgradable to iOS 4.2.1 because it’s a very old phone. Sadly, it has no memory card slot as well. Means you can’t out a memory card in here.

Well, coming back to the iPhone 3g specifications and it has 128 mb ram which is relatively very low than the smartphones today but it’s a good smartphone. It has 2 MP, camera which supports up to1600 x 1200 pixels pictures and you can take high quality and HD pictures with it, though, it has no front camera.

Its battery for standby time is up to 300 h. For talk time, it’s up to 10h. For music play, it’s up to 24 hours.

Price of iPhone 3g :

The iPhone 3g 8GB unlocked price new unlocked on amazon is $109.99.  The price of iPhone 3g 16 unlocked price new is $400.00. iPhone market has different levels and is sometimes up and sometimes down. You can buy iPhones when the iPhone market is down and sell them when the iPhone market is up. It depends and changes with time to time. You can also deal with iPhones if you know the iPhone market really well.