iPhone 7 Price, Rumors and the Major Changes

Stay tight until mid-2016 and get a new iPhone 7. Obviously, every time when Apple releases a new iPhon its way better than the last one with some great innovative changes and convenience for the users. Every time Apple adds a new number to iPhon it gets some major changes in it unlike the “S” series which brings some minor changes inside software and thee apps along with some.

Just the way iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus do not have any major changes in its hardware or the outer look maybe but it has got some internal changes like the “3D Touch” which     it from iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. iPhone 6S “3D Touch” is a new display technology which allows you to do different things on your iPhone. This technology is pressure-sensitive.

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Rumors are that iPhone 7 will be released with some major changes. Not only internally but also in its look and its hardware. It will be super slim with some advance changes in its camera and a digital crown maybe, just as we have in Apple watch.

What Apple iPhone 7 price will be?

For the pat release of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus Apple has kept the prices same without any changes, but because we have rumors about some major changes in the new iPhon 7 which will be released in mid-2016 will make it a bit costly. From this we can conclude that iPhone 7 will cost round about $840 – $860 for a 16 GB version, with same amount of increment for all other versions.

iPhone 7 might be super slim

Rumors from AppleInsider say that Apple is planning to make the latest iPhone 7 6.0-6.5 mm thick. This will be the thin most iPhone from the iPhon family. Looking towards the previous versions of iPhone it makes sense.

Model Thickness
iPhone 3gs 12.3 mm
iPhone 4 9.3 mm
iPhone 5 7.6 mm
iPhone 6 6.9 mm

Super slim iPhone 7

This list makes it pretty obvious that the upcoming iPhon will be super slim. Latest iPod version is exactly 6.1 mm. So if you want to see how iPhone is going to look like, you may imagine a larger latest version of iPod.

Digital Crown replacing Home Button

Digital Crown is a whole new way to interface with touchscreen enabled devices. You can see a digital crown in Apple iwatch which is very useful and is used for various purposes. Rumors are that iPhone 7 will lack a home button but will have a digital crown which will allow the user to do various things by not touching the screen. Digital Crown in iwatch is used at different places for different tasks and it will be featuring the same things in latest iPhone 7.

Question is that, does it make sense? Would it be a good change in iPhone 7? Yes it would be a very good step because of the size of new phones. They are so big that you can’t handle in one hand. If a digital crown comes with lots of features like zoom in and out, scrolling, sliding etc, then it will be a real good step.

iPhone 7 Rumors

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Side Wall Display in iPhone 7

Rumors say that this time Apple will introduce sidewall in their new gadget as we have in S6 edge or Note edge. This is a whole new side to smartphones which Samsung has taken step towards but now Apple is planning to do so. Besides, it will be a good option to be added to iPhone 7. If the digital crown replaces home button then side wall will be a good option to add up.

Iphone 7

Improved Battery Life

Apple has been improving its battery life with every new release and every new iOS update. iOS 9 is efficient in this aspect, it isn’t too much battery consuming. So this is for sure that with upcoming models and updates this issue will be fully sorted out and iPhone 7 will be less battery consuming.

iPhone 7 Touch ID Display and e-SIM

The touch ID fingerprint sensor which is usually beneath the home button will this time embedded into the whole screen. As there will be a digital crown replacing the home button so the fingerprint scanning feature will be embedded to the whole display of the iPhone 7.

There are certain rumors that iPhone 7 will come with an e-SIM. This will be an embedded sim card which could not be removed from the phone. There would be no need to remove it from the phone. This sim card will be rewritable to all operators. This means that you can change your network just by a call to the network provider. e-SIM is a new term and standard promoted by GSMA- the representative association of worldwide network operators.

iPhone 7 e-SIM

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Waterproof iPhone 7

iPhone 7 most probably will be waterproof. Apple is on this for a while now but has not made it yet. The technique will be coating the internal electronic components of the phone instead of using an armour coating for the external hardware. By doing so Apple iPhone 7 will become one of the best phones ever and this will be a great breakthrough for Apple gadgets.

iPhone 7

These are the latest rumors regarding the upcoming new Apple iPhone 7. If all these come in with this new gadget by Apple, it will be a great phone to use.

If there is anything missing, you can let us know by dropping your comment below or by sending us a mail.

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