IPhone 6 VS Samsung Galaxy S6 : The secret you never found

Iphone 6 VS Samsung Galaxy S6

Both Companies come every time with new big Flagship and give every time new to the market. IPhone 6 VS Samsung Galaxy S6, battle start since 2010, both are providing the best Smartphone to the market after each other produce new flagship. Though the real War started with release of the Galaxy S3 in 2012. These two phone companies Apple and Samsung represented the peak of Smartphone industry, not because the providing a verities of new best flagship, but because of the popularity among consumers. Samsung S6 VS IPhone 6 have shattered sale-record. The Smartphones which have a lot of new features and secure to use, confuse that which should be the best one, that which should you buy?

In this post I’m going through the best Flagship of 2015. I’m comparing the best Smartphone of 2015 IPhone 6 and Samsung S6. A lot of thing that you should know before taking the decision of buying. If you are going through the Google and search about those two best Flagship Samsung S6 and IPhone you may get better result. We will make you clear that which Phone is better for you to buy and enjoy the best features. So, let go to check the IPhone and Samsung S6.


IPhone 6 VS Samsung Galaxy S6 both are nice shaped device. On the other hand both have one design, it may be accident on Samsung’s part. The main difference in design is that the IPhone encased in aluminum, while at Samsung hand uses a glass back.

IPhone VS Samsung Galaxy S6

As the time going the design and shapes are now changing with new features use. Each device has a prominent home button, Samsung use this time advance fingerprint scanner. We are not talking about the usage of that technology. We are just talking about the change which take place in design.

The one more change in Samsung Galaxy S6, which take place and people may attract by that change, is the edge curved Display. This edge is the only difference which give a little more unique look.  This is not much use for it yet, but it look very decent and amazing.

The change come in design from the Apple is Size, Apple increase size of IPhone 6, while Samsung improved the quality. These are some of the difference which take place in design and give look difference from the previous one.


Both Smartphone are fairly same in size. The Galaxy S6 is slightly larger than 6 and iPhone 6 is thinner than the Samsung S6. Samsung have 5.1 inch screen and IPhone have 4.7 inch, not too much difference between both flagship while change little come from the Samsung side and also little from the Apple. One take little large and other is thin. But the design is accidently similar.

You should not have too much problem with the size, you can easily carry with yourself and the screen which is bigger of both Samsung and iPhone. You could enjoy watching video or ready books and many thing.


IPhone 6 VS Samsung galaxy S6

Till now the display both phone are good in shape and size. Now the display of the both phones are very well and magnificent. The one department where iPhone not be in the race, Edge department where S6 is over the IPhone. 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution for the Galaxy s6 screen VS a mere 1334 x 750 pixel resolution for the 6. Not only that Samsung Galaxy S6 and Edge is larger than IPhone but Samsung resolution is much better. Not too much difference as the numbers suggest. But there is a difference.

The resolution also effect on battery and also on usage of phone. You will use iPhone little more usage than the Samsung. As resolution is high for the Samsung screen, you enjoy watching something and reading books.

Display Review IPhone 6 Samsung Galaxy S6
  4.7 inch 5.1 inch
  1334 x 750 p 2560 x 1440 p



Every part of the phone is precious and every department make your phone unique. The battery of the both phone is non-recoverable. It mean that you should care the one battery you have. Though, the power of battery goes down with time or usage is high, so you go and change your battery but here the battery is non-removable from the both phones. You are going to see degrading battery performance no matter which you chose.

Both phone have difference use of capacity. You could use your Samsung galaxy S6 for the 20 hour while IPhone 6 use for the 14 to 15 hour. Which is big difference. IPhone have 1810mAh and Samsung 2550mAh. Remember one thing before buy one of the phone in them that both have removable battery

Battery Life IPhone 6 Samsung Galaxy S6
Capacity 1810mAh 2550mAh
Stand By 250 hours 349 hour
Usage 14 hour 20 hour



IPhone 6 VS Samsung Galaxy S6 are faster than the pervious the producing in the market. Samsung have multi-processor, which work faster than the iPhone 6. New features and technology used by Samsung in Galaxy S6. According to the benchmark, the IPhone has slightly better CPU than Samsung one in term of single threaded Processor. However Samsung S6 Galaxy runs Multi-threaded Processor.

IPhone 6 VS Samsung Galaxy S6


  IPhone 6 Samsung Galaxy S6
Operating System iOS Android
Operating version iOS 8 Android 5.0 Loillipop
CPU Speed 1.4 GHz 2.1 GHz
CPU Core 2 Core 8 Core
Storage 16 GB 32 GB
  32 GB 64 GB
  64 GB 128 GB
  128 GB  
Rare Camera 12 MP 16 MP
Front Camera MP 5 MP
Battery Capacity 1810mAh 2550mAh
Display Size 4.7 inch 5.1 inch
Network Connectivity 4G (LTE) 4G (LTE)
  4G (HSPA+) 4G (HSPA+)
  Edge/ 2G (GSM/GPRS) Edge/2G (GSM/GPRS)
Wireless Conectivity Yes Yes
Bluetooth Version 4.0 4.1
Sensors Heart Rate Monitor
Charging Connection Apple Lightning Micro USB
Headphone Connection 3.5mm 3.5mm
Price $610 $649


  IPhone 6 Samsung galaxy S6
Geek bench Single Core 32 bit 1,622 1,226
Geek Bench Multi Core 32 Bit 2,916 3,982
Base mark OS II Score 1,441 1,628
Gfx Bench Score 52.6 fps 34.7 fps



Both Phone is very precious with their work and a lot of new features are used in Samsung S6 and IPhone 6 (IPhone 6 VS Samsung galaxy S6). Both have nice build design, looking same but the difference of Performance. Big RAM are used in Galaxy S6. As we look that Samsung is better phone than iPhone 6 but after a month Apple will provide all those thing and such new featured where apple beat Samsung. The battle will start quickly in next year.

Both are unique design. One is simple and thinner and other is larger and curved display. You have to choise which one you take for yourself. Both is working very well and you enjoy the power of both phones.

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