iOS 9 New Innovations That Android Already Has

iOS 9 | Siri is now more than ever intelligent

With iOS 9, Siri is said to be smarter than ever. For instance, Apple’s AI will tell/remind you when the deadlines of you projects will approach near, it can ow guide you through traffic, and it can tell you the exact traffic situation of the exact area you want to know, even it can tell you the exact time of your travels. Great, you might think – but the Android family already has an app which does this all since 2013 in the form of Google Now.

The funny thing is that Google brought this concept to both Android and iOS via Google Now app. This means that, Apple users could have used this feature for years.

alt='Siri on the new iPhone"

iOS 9 | Public Transport 

Google Maps introduced public transport info to let the people know which bus, tram, or train leaves. This huge update came with the ‘Version 5.7’ update of the Google Maps which is almost 4 years ago. iOS and Android both could have taken the advantage of this amazing feature, but Apple also launched its own Maps app and was encouraging the people to use that instead of Google Maps.

alt="Maps of iOS 9"

iOS 9 | Low Power Mode

Apple introduced its own Low Power Mode, power saving mode was available for all the devices which were running on Android 5.0 Lollipop the previous year, and now Apple has launched their own. When the Low Power Mode is on, it reduces the critical devices functionalities to make the phone work for a longer period of time, an average of 90 extra minutes per charge for the Android users.

alt="iOS 9 Power Mode"

iOS 9 | Split – Screen Mode

As the iOS 9 hit the iPad, it brought a new feature which does is that it splits the screen. Finally, they are now on the right track, the Galaxy Note series have been using this feature since they released the Note 2 on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, some of other companies also use split screen mode in their smartphones (LG G3).

The split – screen feature hasn’t really changed that much since its creation, and it only works on the iOS 9 for the iPad. We enjoyed using the multi-window for things like watching YouTube on one side and using the other side for web browsing on Android, but Apple has just limited its usage with only its stock apps.

alt="split screen in iOS 9"

iOS 9 | Note App 2.0

With the new iOS 9, Apple have updated their Notes app to version 2.0. Now in the newer version Apple has inserted a checklist option, which means that it can be used as a shopping list as well. Now you can just tick an item off the list with just a tap on it, now you can even insert photo in the Notes app.

iOS 9 | Upper-Case Keyboard

Apple users have had a problem with its tiny keyboard. Now with the iOS 9 a function has risen: the shift key on its new keyboard now shows when the letters have turned into capitals, and yes it is a new feature. Yeah, we all know that this feature has been with Android since it was born but I think iPhone users liked to guess when to use capital letters.