iOS 9 and its Features

iOS 9 is full of new and rich enhancements that a user will use daily. The apps are more efficient, the new multitasking in the iPad Pro makes the iOS 9 look so productive. iOS 9 features the all new artificial intelligence called Siri which has been juiced up and is now better than before. The new iOS 9 also enhances and boosts the battery life of your device making it work longer than ever.

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New Built-in Apps

iOS 9 improves and adds many new apps. These apps help guide a person in day-to-day life. A new app that iOS 9 has integrated is the “News” app. What this app does is that it’s feed in the home screen of your device and tells you the latest news there is, this means that you don’t have to surf through different websites to get the next big story. News also offers the users a new sensational reading experience no matter which device you’re using.

“Notes” have been used for many years and from many users, earlier people just used to write their thoughts into it but now with the new improvements you can also make a checklist out of it. Now the best part is that it’s synced with iCloud which means that you can see the notes or the checklist on your different devices.

“Maps” have been improved a lot, previously you could just see the cities and the regular routes of the streets and highways but now with the new update Maps have been redesigned. Now in selected cities around the world, a new view shows you lines and stations for subways, buses, trains and ferries. This feature has taken Maps to a whole new level.

6s comes with iOS 9

iCloud Drive

With the new iCloud Drive app built in the iOS 9, accessing the files you saved to the iCloud have never been easy. Browse all of your files by date, name or by tags that are on your Mac. The best part of iCloud Drive is that now you can organize and preview your files without leaving the app. This means Bubye to moving between apps and Hello to better organization.

iOS 9 on the iPad

iOS 9 is the best for your iPad. Tons of cool features have been implemented for the iPad. Now you can double up your productivity with the iPad.


The iPad is a great device to work with. For creating powerful and amazing presentations to building fun slideshows to chatting with loved ones. And for lots of other cool stuff, now you can make use of that large screen and do two of those things at the same time. “Slide Over”, “Split View” and “Picture in Picture” all of these cool features are implemented in iOS 9 for the iPad.


QuickType helps you to shape up your text in no time. It includes variety of new shortcut bars, convenient editing tools and some nice ways to select any text with Multi-Touch gestures. And now when you will be having the Smart Keyboard with the all new iPad Pro, you will enjoy even more keyboard shortcuts.

Siri on iOS 9

 Siri on the iOS 9 has got even smarter. Now Siri can search a lot more and wider range of topics with some amazing answers. It now understands you more accurately and tries to give you the best feedback possible.

Now you can now ask Siri to search through your photos and videos in your gallery based on dates, locations and even album titles.

We all knew Siri as a helpful assistant you can talk to and get answers from, but Siri is also that powerful search which is on your iPhone and iPad. Thus you can get even more exciting answers when you type something in the search bar.

apple siri

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Battery Life

Battery life is a big issue for smartphone users now a days. So across the whole OS, apps and technology, Apple tries to make everything more efficient to extend the battery life where possible thus you can get more battery life from the things you use daily. Because of its sensors, the iPhone knows when it’s face down on a table and does not turn on the screen, even when you receive a notification. And the all new Low Power mode lets your iPhone extend its battery even more.

advanced battery settings


The following devices are compatible with iOS 9

iPhone 4S, iPhone5, iPhone5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus

iPad 2, 3, 4, Air, Air 2 and Pro

iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3 and iPad mini 4

iPod touch 5th Gen and iPod 6th Gen