Introducing the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Foldable | Curved Display.

August 4, 2015

The Samsung Galaxy S series is indeed one of the largest and best mobile phone series all over the world. It has started with the Samsung galaxy S1 and it leads the S series with the previous release of Samsung galaxy s6. Whenever Samsung releases a Smartphone’s in S series, immediately after the release the developers of Samsung start working for the next model. So now Samsung has just given a prototype of Samsung Galaxy S7 and the interesting thing is that Samsung is moving on the next level of technology.

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Yes! The Galaxy s7 will be a having the foldable screen. According to VALUEWALK the new Samsung galaxy s7 might feature a breakthrough design, which includes a foldable screen display. So As a result, the Galaxy S7 display will be bendable, flexible and resistant to damage. Another interesting feature that may be included in the Smartphone is the haptic feedback, inspired by the Apple Smart watch.

Samsung Galaxy s7 folding

Samsung Galaxy s7 folding

The idea of increasing the number of curved models as we have seen in the previous models that the companies are using curved screen in their handsets and NOKIA and LG has also announced in the recent conference that there future mobile phones will be curved and folding display, it is just for to meet consumer demand, based on the ValueWalk report. Galaxy s7 will have the 4k screen technology the most advance and latest of the time which will enhance your screen experience.

The device will be featured with a 4GB of RAM, with the latest snapdragon processor. Galaxy s7 will have the internal storage capacity of 32 GB, 64 GB and also in 120 GB, plus the SD card slot will also be not available in the Samsung galaxy s7 just like the galaxy s6. There is also a rumor that the galaxy s7 will have the 26 mega pixels back and a 8 mega pixels front facing camera with optical image stabilizations, so it a good news for selfie lovers. Plus the new mobile phone also have the latest 5G network technology and 5.5 inches super Amoled full quad HD display.  According to SAMMOBILE the new galaxy s7 will also featured with the latest touch ID, retina scan and fast plus wireless charging technology.

There will be advantages as well as disadvantages of the foldable display. Maybe curved display doesn’t allow you to put your mobile phone easily in your pocket and you have to carry this new phone always in your hand. The official model of galaxy s7 is not yet release by Samsung Company but we can assume the changes in it by our self.

But one final sources of information suggests, according to VALUEWALK, that Samsung will go into this field of curved display as sooner rather than later. The other major Korean electronics companies, and  LG, has recently announced in the news that they will be investing a big amount of $1.3 billion into improving and developing foldable LED displays, and will announced and released officially in the mid of 2017. So we can imagine the future, that the companies will try their level best to achieve success in this curved displays.

Samsung Galaxy s7 folding

Samsung Galaxy s7 folding

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