Instagram leaves Twitter behind, Hits 400 million mark of users

September 27, 2015

Instagram leaves Twitter behind, the well-known photo sharing social network hits the mark of 400 million users worldwide. This was announced today by Instagram itself that it now has more than 400 million insagrammers who frequently share their photos on this guru of social photo sharing networks.

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Instagram recently launched InstaMessage, the private conversation app which lets you chat with any Instagram user whose photos you found more attractive. This made Instagram more proper to be termed as a “social sharing network” and played an important role for bringing in more users.

Instagram seems very excited about the variation range in their user-base.

Instagram blog :

“Our community has evolved to be even more global, with more than 75 percent living outside of the US. To all the new Instagrammers: welcome! Among the last 100 million to join, more than half live in Europe and Asia. The countries that added the most Instagrammers include Brazil, Japan and Indonesia.”

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Advertisers were worried that the new Instagram ads may stop many of the instagrammers from using Instagram but they should be happy because of this great increase in the number of users and for the reason that Instagram leaves Twitter behind.

Instagram leaves Twitter behind as It now has 400 million users, quiet a big number than that of Twitter which is 316 million users. Twitter has not got any dramatic increase in the number of their users worldwide. Instagram on the other hand is going way faster. It celebrated its 300 million users worldwide only 9 months from now. 100 million users started using Instagram in the last 9 months which is quiet a big number to add.





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