Instagram launches Boomerang – App for One Sec Videos

Instagram a platform which became successful in a very short time that let people post their photo moments on the internet from just one click away. It has also blessed us with its short loop videos. Yesterday Instagram launched a new app called the Boomerang which let people create looping videos which are just one sec long.

The news “Instagram launches Boomerang” was shared by Instagram on its blog yesterday which told us about the new app which they have launched.

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Introducing Boomerang from Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo.


Instagram launches Boomerang: How does it Work?

So how does the new app work? In a burst the app let you take a lot of photos, stitching them together as they are been shot and combine them in the end to create one sec long video. Boomerang is known to a tool which comes back to the same location from where it has been thrown same is for this new app. The videos captured from this app are been played in a loop in forward and backward which create tiny yet funny moments.


alt="Instagram launches Boomerang"

                                                                                           Interface of the app on iOS

The app is simple  to use. The interface is incredibly user friendly. One the main screen you’ll see two button one to capture and one to select the camera you’re going to use that is rear or front. When you press the capture button Boomerang take a burst of photos and combine them in the form of a sec video. After the video has been created it is been saved and you get option to directly share it own Instagram or Facebook and other social network or sites through the More button.

The app is currently available to download on both platform that is Android and the iOS. You can download Boomerang from Instagram for iOS in Apple’s App Store and for Android in Google Play.

Download the new great app and which lets you create your fun moments and let us know in the comments what do you feel about this new App.