Huawei P9 Specs, design, price and release date

Huawei p9

Huawei P9 is going to follow p8, which has been a great success. Huawei p8 was not only a good smartphone, but it came at a very normal price. As Huawei launching new smartphone full of features, and also we are keen to find out if it will come with same high quality and affordability also. We will find out everything you need to know about the upcoming wonderful Smartphone Huawei p9 specs, design, price and release date also.

Huawei’s range is something difficult to understand. Because there’s the mate series, the mate S series, the P series and there’s Huawei’s other brand, Honor.  Device under the Honor brand which are the Honor 7 and 7 plus and also Honor Holly. Compare each smartphone of Huawei can be tricky, but all of them are great and noble phone having all low rate.

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Design | Huawei P9

Huawei p9

Huawei is working very actively in design department and brings some nice design for the users of Huawei. The Huawei p8 and also with that the most recently launched Huawei mate S are polished devices in term of design. We expect that new smartphone Huawei p9 design will be metal unibody, with that it will be come with a flat rear and Gorilla Glass screen protection. Huawei may not going this time to bring new design for the users, may they stick with the old one and just do little changes. Huawei is almost launched the thinnest smartphone and we are waiting for the next p9 thinnest smartphone from Huawei.

Huawei P9 Specs:

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The rumors suggest new things which you will be seen very soon, so come and discuss that what new thing Huawei going to meet with you. The first feature is kirin 950 processor – a chip which is develop by Huawei itself and the leaked benchmarks suggest that this is even very faster from the Samsung chip Exynos 7420. So Huawei is going to beat all latest and olds smartphone by inventing new chip Kirin 950, P9 will be the fastest ever android smartphone.

Huawei p9

The Fastest smartphone Huawei launching P9 will be coming with a full HD display resolution, we not know the pixel but it may be come up with same pixel in Huawei p8. The fastest android smartphone p9 Huawei display is said to measure in at 5.2 inch.

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A leaked photograph from the mobipicker show that the P9 camera will be equipped with two lenses, with laser autofocus and would be having 16 MP camera. The new chip of Huawei will make p9 faster and also p9 have 4 GB of RAM, so this smartphone will go too faster. This smartphone will make many folks happy who love heavy games and apps.

As we know that p9 is following previous version of Huawei p8, p8 is full of package and so we only expect that the p9 to be change little not the whole shape and design like new series. We do hope it will have a larger battery, though, because the previous generation p8 have 2,600 mAh. Our all specs of Huawei latest smartphone p9 the following version of p8 is wonderful. Our all rumors regard Huawei p9 specs is giving you the android faster smartphone.

Huawei p9 Price:

Huawei p9

 The Huawei-p9 specs are giving you everything we needed. The new feature will be also part of the android smartphone p9. As 98 entered the market at around price in US $530 (price in Pakistan RS 50,500), so rumors suggest that new smartphone which will be take birth after some month may also around US $500 which have all the quality having best brand smartphone.

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Release Date:

Huawei p9

Whenever any smartphone company are going to launch their new big flagship so almost they are going to follow certain criteria, one company may be launched their most important product every quarter and other twice in year. And also it depend that when they have launched previous one, so they almost launch upcoming product near to the previous time session. It also depend on the quality base that how much time you can focus and target long time. The rumors suggest that Huawei p9 release date will be after 2015 or may be before 2015.


Huawei p9

Huawei is going smooth to the pick level, it mean they are working very outstanding in every department. Huawei p8 have 2600 mAh battery capacity and it work long for a day. Now Huawei is going to launch new smartphone p9 and rumors suggest that it will have more Battery Capacity. Huawei is going this time with their own processor Kirin 950 which is working fast then Samsung chip and it also consuming less battery life. SO it mean that if Huawei p9 battery have 2600 capacity then it will work more than p8.

Huawei p9 Camera:

The thinnest smartphone having great feature for the users. Now it time for the Selfie or for the moment we want to memories for the whole life. The leaked photography of Mobipicker show that Huawei latest p9 will two lenses.

Huawei p9

One is the laser focus which give us more sweet and natural picture. May be it will make more crazy of taking pictures all time. As Huawei mate S camera is more customizable than other brand smartphone. So we expect that Huawei p9 camera which is 16 MP rare one will be also more customizable and easy to use.

The front camera rumors didn’t suggest any thing that how much Mega Pixel have p9 but we are expecting that it will come with same 8 MP. Because this smartphone following p8 so many thing will be same as in p8.


Huawei p9

Huawei latest new p9 will be want to change the market by innovating camera and chip. In future this technology can be develop by large number. Storage of p9 Huawei will have 32 GB or 64 GB. 4 GB of RAM is going to make this flagship awesome for the all user special who love to play heavy games and apps. This is the storage you will use for the future in which you can save games, film and other documents.

RAM and Processor:

Huawei p9

Going smooth, fast and never suffering anybody like this type of smartphones. Huawei this time using their own made chip Kirin 950 processor which is faster than Samsung Exynos 7420. Huawei p9 RAM is 4 GB and using own Kirin 950 processor chip which make android faster smartphone. P9 will be faster than any other android brand smartphone.


Huawei p9

This smartphone is the following version of Huawei p8 which is the best phablet having all necessary and best feature for the folks. Now the next generation name Huawei p9 will be launch very soon. Great smartphone having all the best features. For the first time Huawei is going to use their own chip in p9 which is work more quickly and consuming less battery. 5.2 inch display size and full HD display. 4 GB RAM and 32 GB storage make phablet healthier.

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