Huawei: working on Double Edge Smartphone

Huawei double edge smartphone

Rumours coming from the China that Huawei is coming with curved double edge smartphone next year. After Samsung Huawei will be the first one to come with Double Edge curved AMOLED Smartphone. It’s reportedly getting assistance from Samsung too.

Curved display bring something extra new to the market, curved display is produced by the Samsung this year. After Edge produced by Samsung it is looking that will be new trends to produce edge smartphones. Not too much use of edge (curved display) till now but in future demand is looking very high.

A very interesting rumors that report claims that the curved AMOLED display will be made by Samsung. 1440 x 2560 pixel QHD resolution, but the size of Double Curved edge display has bit been revealed but it will be quite good considering it is made by Samsung. Huawei has decided to go with Samsung probably because Samsung introduced two best Edge devices.

If we are look back to this year, the company’s CEO explained that Huawei won’t adopt 2k display soon because these kind of panels are too costly, power hungry and give too few benefits compared to full HD. But latest Rumors Huawei will release a 2k high-end smartphone in the first of half of 2016.

Huawei double Edge Smartphone is tipped to release in the first-half of next year 2016.