How to Set a Picture Password in Windows 10

How to Set a Picture as password  in Windows 10

Alt+="Picture password"

As it is commonly observed that a drawing pattern can be set as a password on an android phone or other smart phones. The same can also be done on a Personal Computer having Windows 10 as operating system.

But there is a slight difference between Windows 10 and android phones as in Windows 10 an image can be selected on which the pattern can be drawn. The operating system (Windows 10) shows the same image every time when it starts up and ask the user to draw the pattern for authentication purpose.

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The following are the steps by which a user of Windows 10 can set a picture as a password for his/her account:

1. First of all start up the PC having Windows 10.
2. Click the start button upon seeing the desktop screen.
3. There will be a Settings option from the left pane of the start menu, click on it.
4. When you click on Settings, a Settings window will appear, click on Accounts there
5. Click on Sign-in options on the Accounts window.
6. On the right side there will be a Picture Password section, Under it there will an Add button, click on it.
7. When asked, put the current password on which you are signed in and click the Ok button.
8. Click Choose Picture on Welcome to Picture Password window.
9. Browse and select a picture which you prefer for setting an unlock pattern
10. Click Use this picture on the “How’s this look” window.
11. Over the selected picture, draw three different patterns.
12. After the above step, redraw the patterns for confirmation.
13. At the end click the Finish button from the bottom to set the patterns as the password to log in to Windows 10.
14. To remove the picture password, go through the first six steps again, this time there is will be two options under the Picture Password section, click on remove if you want to remove password Picture

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This tutorial is all about familiarizing the users of Windows 10 with the idea of Photo Password and how to use it. The above fourteen steps thoroughly discuss the idea of assigning picture as a password and removing it as well. The biggest advantage of using picture as a password is that it is user friendly, easy and fun to use.