How to save a phone dropped in water?


47% of the dead phones are because people accidentally get their phone dropped in water, this was the outcome of a small survey accompanied by Team DiaryINC. Mostly people do not know what they should do after they drop the phone in water. And as a result the phone gets damaged and dead. And maybe you are the one who accidentally drops his/her phone in water, something that you never see coming. Or when was the last time you heard someone saying that i got my phone dropped in water what do i do?


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How to dry a phone dropped in water?

Here are some tips that might save yours or someone else’s phone from dying if it drops in water.

The trick here is called the rice trick.

  1. Should I turn on the phone when it is wet? Never turn on your phone when it is wet.
  2. How to dry out phone (Exterior Part)? The easy thing is to take a towel and dry the exterior part of your phone.
  3. How to dry the interior parts of the phone? The answer is that remove the removable parts from the phone and dry the interior parts with a hair dryer.alt='disassemble'alt='dry phone'
  4. Some people think that the phone is saved by doing so. But the game only begins. The interior is dried but there still is moisture inside. Which is important to remove because it is a big threat to your phone. What you have to do it to take some rice (Rice Sucks Moisture), it is a slow process but it’s worth it. Dip the phone in rice in a closed vessel and keep it in a dry place. alt='rice trick'A lot of people gets confused about the time that the phone has to be kept in rice for the moisture to be totally removed. So the answer is for approximately 62 hours (Almost three days) if you have to remove the moisture totally.
  1. After three days take your phone out of the rice and turn it on. 80% of the chances are that it will work totally fine.alt-'iphone in water'
  2. Note: Do not turn on the phone during this whole process even one.

Do give your feedback if it works.

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