How to root your android Phone

We all have heard a term “Rooting”, “Rooting Android” and many more related to root. But what is rooting? How it can benefit the android device, what are the disadvantages of rooting? So let me first define what is rooting.

What is Android root…

Root your android will allow the users of a Smartphone or tablet or any other android mobile operating system users to gain the control over the android internal system which is known as rooting access of your android phone. The manufactures of hardware and software of an android phone has put some limits on your cell phone (A user of Android Mobile phone is using only the 40% of the smart phone, without root access) these limitations will only allow you to use mobile phone smoothly and you can normally use it but if you root your android phone you can gain all the privileges over your smart phone (Now you can use 100% of the mobile phone, if you have root access).

How to root your android Phone

Root your android device will allow you many different control over you cell phone, it means that by rooting you will own your Smartphone 100%. You can change your custom settings, you can use the rooted apps, you can install custom recoveries on you android Smartphone, and the most important thing is that rooting will allow completely changing or altering your android operating system which will give you your favorite UI and all the settings of your choice. By rooting your device you can also get rid of the unwanted apps that come with the stock and you cannot uninstall or remove it and it carries lots of space in your storage and in RAM, Rooting will allow you to remove and completely uninstall these apps from your android device. There are lots of custom recoveries which you can install in your android Smartphone and by using these recoveries you can install different android ROM’s on your device which will give a new look to you phone. A simple example of custom ROM’s are that you can install a SONY XPERIA ROM (Sony features) on you Samsung Galaxy Smartphone and your Samsung will be converted to Sony.

There are also some disadvantages of root your android phone. The one and the most important drawback is that by rooting your warranty that comes with the handset will be voided and this is the main reason why people don’t root their mobile device. But there is a solution to this problem there is also a option of “UN ROOTING”, it will allow you to un root your android device and come back to custom recovery with no evidence that you had rot this device in the past.

Another drawback of root your android phone is Bricking. Bricking means that you mobile phone will be off forever because you have deleted the custom settings from your phone. It is very rare case that your mobile phone will be bricked out. But if you don’t know what you are doing and how is the best method of rooting your android than there is a chances of bricking there are some information you need to know before rooting your handset which I will discuss in the later part.

“Note down that some people confuse themselves between Root your android and Jail breaking iPhone. But these are two different things. Jail breaking describes the bypass of the types of Apple restrictions for the end user. It will simple allow you to get some paid apps for free from the apple store as the name indicate that you break the jail.”

How to root your Android:

There are many methods of root your android device. But you have to choose the best option, which suits your smart phone. There are some precautions you need to take care before rooting.

  • Your Android phone should be fully charge (minimum 60% charge should be available). Because rooting your android phone is a big process so it will need your battery.
  • Go to Setting/About Device option and look for Build number category (it must be in the last 3 options) tap 7-10 times on that options simultaneously, a option will be shown o you that “ Developer mode is enabled”.
  • Go back to your setting and scroll down at the end you will be an option of “Developer Options”.
  • Open the Developer options/DEBUGGING, and enables the USB debugging option.
  • Install the latest Kies Software (only for Samsung) in your PC/Laptop from this link
  • Install Samsung USB drivers on your PC from this link

Now you have to install a Custom Recovery on your android phone through Odin.

Now the Process starts from here.

  • Download the files which I mention above and place it on desktop.
  • First extract the files from Odin 3.0 through rar extractor.
  • Double click on the Odin, and open it though run as Administrator.
  • Odin will be open.
  • Click on the PDA and select the desired RECOVRY which you download it from the internet of your specific handset.
  • Uncheck the Repartition box, on the left side of Odin.
  • Checkmark the boxes that sayAuto Reboot and  Reset Time.

How to root your android Phone

Now come to the mobile phone.

  • Check that you have enabled the USB debugging option from the setting.
  • Mobile phone is fully charged.
  • Turn off your Mobile Phone.
  • Hold down the Volume DOWN+Home+Powerbuttons together.
  • Downloading mode on your handset will be shown on the screen.
  • Plug in your mobile phone to your PC through USB cable.
  • If you have follow the instruction mentioned above, and when you connect your handset to the PC. On the left top corner ID:COM will be changed to blue it means that your mobile phone is ready to root.
  • Hit start.
  • On your android mobile screen a downloading picture will be open.
  • Once the recovery’s been flashed, your device will automatically reboot.
  • And congratulations you have done.

How to root your android Phone

The custom Recovery has been installed on your android device.

You can check and verify that you have installed the recovery and your android mobile phone has a root access by installing ROOT CHECKER app from the Google play store.

Open the app and tap on verify root access it will show you the result that you have successfully root access on your mobile phone.


When you have done with rooting your android, now you can originally play with your android smartphone. You can do what you want with this smartphone.

Let us take a example that how can we install a custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy note 2 GT-N7100. First I will tell you about the XDA Forum, XDA forum is a simple a hometown for android users. It has millions of apps, recoveries, software, and error issue, how to resolve problems and many more but you can only take advantage from the XDA forum only if your android smartphone has root access. You can simple sign up from any email account and u can post and question whatever you want from XDA.

XDA have categories of different handsets with different models you can simply go to your android handset model and choose different categories of your choice you can go to the android develop category here you will find plenty of custom ROM’s with latest features and you can download it and install it on your recovery mode.

Now I will show you how to install a latest custom ROM on your Galaxy Note 2.

  • Go to and download this ROM on your computer it will take some time because the file size is in GB of space.
  • Download the SU software from this link
  • Download both the files and then transfer both the files in your android device storage. You can put the files in your internal as well as external SD card. (internal storage is preferable)
  • Go to your mobile phone, it should be fully charged.
  • Backup all your important data, pictures as the new ROM will remove all the things. You can also backup your messages and application by using EASE BACKUP software easily available in the play store.
  • Turn off the cell phone.
  • Hold down POWER KEY+Home Button+Volume up button at the same time. Mobile will go into the recovery mode which you have installed in the previous steps.

How to root your android Phone

  • First wipe the cache partition.
  • Then wipe the data/factory setting and reset factory setting. It will remove the apps and reset your android device.
  • Then go to Install zip, then choose from where you want to install zip ( mention the place where you have put the ROM Data)
  • Go and install the ROM it will take a time so be relax and wait till it complete.
  • After the installation is complete go to the main screen of your recovery and again go to the option install the zip.
  • This time go to the internal storage and install the Super Su file (it will recover your ROOT access).
  • Finally go to the main screen and hit REBOOT option.

Now when your mobile is booted you will find the new functions and UI on your smartphone. You can enjoy the latest features now.