How To Recover Deleted Photos on Android

Sometimes by mistake we delete our photos or we may forget our password or may be some virus due to which we can lost our photos, which make us very angry and upset but now you don’t have to wonder because this is 2K15 and anything is possible because your lost photos are not permanently lost it can be recovered in its original form. So here is a simple method for Android data recovery which will tell you how to recover deleted photos on Android.


First you have to turn off your Wi-Fi and internet data connections on your mobile device. The reason for doing this is that when ever some data or files are deleted, in actual it is not deleted until something has been written on its device memory.

Anything that is initially deleted is the index which points towards where that data starts in your mobile memory, so if you can find that point again you can easily get your deleted photos back. But if on the top where you lost your pictures a new data gets written over it, then they are lost permanently.

But one important thing is that this process must require root privileges on your mobile device.

Steps for How to recover deleted photos on Android with the software Dr. Fone:

  1. First you have to download free software named as Fone for Android by Wondershare (available for PC or Mac) on your personal computer. There are many other software available for Android data recovery but relatively Dr. Fone has good results.
  2. Now install the software, launch it and register yourself. The below screen will appear.alt="Recover Deleted Photos on Android"
  3. Now connect your mobile device to your PC with a USB data cable.

For further process of work you have to enable USB debugging on your mobile phone. If don’t then just go to your mobile settings> About Phone and click Build Number repeatedly until and unless the notification of Developer Options enabled appears. Now go back to your main Setting screen, down near the bottom you will see Developer Option. Just scroll down through the settings till you see USB Debugging and check the box beside it. At the bottom of Dr. Fone you will see a notification saying that USB Debugging is opened.

alt="Recover Deleted Photos on Android"

  1. Once Dr Fone is being connected to your Android smart phone, it will provide you the ability to select the following categories of deleted photos or files. We are only targeting photos now but if you have lost more files than that you can select as many categories as you wish.alt="Recover Deleted Photos on Android"
  2. The next step is that it will ask you to scan deleted files or to scan all files. If you want a quick recovery then just select the Deleted files option. You will need to accept the RSA key prompt on your mobile phone, you must make secure connection between the two devices and obviously grant Superior permission when promoted.
  3. When this is done, Dr. Fone will automatically analyze your mobile and reboot it. May be you receive a message on your computer telling your mobile has connected again so just ignore it and let Dr. Fone to continue its process. alt="Recover Deleted Photos on Android"
  4. Once it finish analyzing your smart phone you will receive the results of scan on your screen where you can check the boxes for the pictures or may be other files which you have selected earlier and want to save, so just tap on Recover and you are done with the Android data recovery.alt="Recover Deleted Photos on Android"

So these were some of the easy steps or a method which tells you How to recover deleted photos on Android due to which you can recover your mobile photos and files. And further you would take care of your photos and prevent it from virus or any other failure. Further we are suggesting to install apps like Google photos and Google Drive which have a lot of memory and will keep your photos safe permanently.