How to Increase Blog Traffic With Simple Proven Steps

how to increase blog traffic with these simple proven stepsThe main aim of creating this tutorial of how to increase blog traffic is to bring all the free and easy methods of getting high traffic in the start of your online blogging career. As most of us knows that traffic is like soul for a blog. Without traffic there is no hope of earning even a single penny, which mean the end of a blogging career.

There are basically 2 methods for generating high traffic. The 1st one is paid and the 2nd one is free of cost. Paid one require investment on different platform while the free one require hard + smart work for some time. People who are interested in long term blogging career always use the 2nd one.

My tutorial consist of 3 methods including:

  • Writing Quality content
  • Free ways to drive traffic to your blog
  • Final words

Writing Quality Content

Quality content is the key of success for a blog. Sadly most of us when see that a post of any blogger become popular we set and rewrite the post exactly with same point which in mostly cases don’t benefit that blogger. The 2nd method which we use mostly is the generation of content through Spinner software which 90% do no work. And finally the person quite blogging by saying that blogging is just a waste of time.

If you want to generate high quality traffic, the most preferred method is the creation of high quality content which people as well as Google love. Put your effort in the post as like that post is the only piece of content which will bring traffic. Do not try to spam your blog from short and boring content. Once you set and start working on a post, then do it with proper research so that visitor can get something new and informative.

Blog content can be write personally or you can outsource it through PLR (Private label rights). But here while outsourcing content just think for a while and ask one question from yourself? That the article which I am going to purchase from outside will provide me the same quality which I need/demanding or not.

And if you are an enthusiastic blogger your answer will be BIG NO. Because the content which you create yourself will be unique with proper research, and personal thought injected. This is the main thing which you will never ever receive in outsourcing.

Always search traffic volume in Google keyword planner before writing any post on the keyword you want to target. Never try to rewrite or spin any other person post as that might benefit you, but for short time period. So the best way is to write every piece of content originally.

Now if we see you have got your best idea of how to write killer content for your blog. Now I will share the method through which you can increase blog traffic up to 200% without spending any penny or search engine optimization (although we count it in off page SEO)

– Forums

The best and the easiest way to promote your blog is start posting in different forums. It is a place where people with combined thinking share different information, discuss different ideas and ask question/answers. Mostly the forums are free of cost to join.

The fastest way to discover forum with own interest/ related to your market place is to write “Your keyword” + “Forum name”.

e.g.  “Keyword” + “Vbulletin”, “Keyword + PHPbb”

You will get your desired result but make it sure that the forum you are joining or the post on which you are commenting is still active. Joining the forum in case of no activity is just a waste of your time.

The 2nd method of getting to your desired forum for generating traffic to your blog is to go forum specific search engine. 3 of the popular search engine are:

  3. BoardTacker

Some of the rules of forums are:

– Try to use your real information while registering yourself.

– Must read the term and agreement after joining. Breaking the rules may result the immediate suspension of your    account.

– Update your profile with signature (include your weblog URL)

– Introduce yourself in the “introduce yourself” section.

– Website promotion is mostly allowed in every forum according to their guideline.

– Always try to answer every question you will increase your authority and respect in the forum and also people will start clicking your website link (mentioned in signature) for more valuable information. Through this method you can get subscriber as well as clients for the product you are selling or you want to start selling.

Google plus Groups sharing:

Google plus is one another social platform which have a great role in search engine optimization and through which you can get higher rank in Google. It’s also work like forum with massive traffic. You can get a lot of informative content on google on Google plus. The same method and strategy like approach, sharing valuable information, asking good question and leaving feedbacks on other people post, social interaction is the key to success on this platform too. The best option after joining this network is to fill your profile with required data. You will get banned from groups in case of starting spamming with or after joining. The credibility of your profile depend on the information you are providing there.

Blog Commenting

The best and one of the popular method which help me a lot from the start of my blogging career till now is blog commenting. Blog commenting mean leaving a valuable comment in the post of another blogger blog relevant to the post. Always keep in mind to do comments on the blog with same niches. For the purpose simple write your desired keyword + blog and click Google search. Always try to do commenting on the blog post which have High Page rank, domain authority, Page authority as well as Good Alexa rank. Commenting on such weblogs play a key role in google search engine optimization and increasing blog traffic. The best way of generating traffic high volume traffic depend only and only the quality of your comment you leave on other blogs. Doing comment like “Hi respected nice job, nice job” or “Wow such a nice piece of content. I will visit here daily” do not generate readers click. Do not agree on every point of the blogger. Do some criticism if the post have holes. Research the topic a bit and add some value to the original content. People will surely go through your website to check that what he/she is offering to his/her readers. And you will surely get some permanent visitor through this source and so the way your blog traffic will be increasing day by day.

Guest Posting

The 4th most important step of how to increase blog traffic guide is guest posting. The definition of Guest posting is to publish a unique, fresh, researchable piece of content to another person blog. This method have the same procedure as blog commenting have for searching high authority weblogs. A do-follow backlink is given inside the content or in the author bio to your website or to post of your website called backlink. Which have very high value.

Some valuable tips for doing guest blogging are:


  1. Try to choose such blog for guest posting which have high authority (use web rank SEO extension). Remember the point that the blog which you have chosen for guest posting is the main and only source of earning for the owner. So this will reduce the chances of giving approval to every person for writing there. Which will increase your post value.
  2. Prove yourself as a guru or expert and show that you will add a great piece of content on his/her blog which will engage audience and increase the traffic. For good impression and inspiring the founder, join his/her mailing list. Email him/her, search for his twitter and Facebook profile. Discuss something with him/her. So that the chances of disapproval goes to 0.
  3. Now find the email address of the owner or content him/her through contact us page with an attractive subject. Guest post type of subject wouldn’t help anymore because the popular blog are getting number of emails on daily basis. Tell him the benefits of the post that you were going to write there. Try to use short sentence and email to do not waste the blog owner time.
  4. And the last point to this section of how to increase blog traffic is to write such content which have more value than the content you have published on your own blog.


I think many of us know the method promote blog by sharing posts, commenting, guest posting etc. but the one which most of the people have no idea of how to generate a decent amount of traffic is tumble. Tumble is one of the best source which have the potential to send 5000+ traffic in 1 share. But that method just need a simple work. First set up your account which might take 1 minute of you. 1 point to be noted that the hear option in the middle of picture mean likes and share. Start your work and follow the peoples continuously who have shared, liked or re-share the post. The simple tricks to generate high amount of traffic is to search a post which have more likes and shares. Follow the peoples who have shared that post or liked. They are so active and professional that they will follow you back in short time. These people are so helpful and you have the chances of that they will share your content which contain a link back to your website. And so through this method you will get a large volume of traffic and so you weblog search engine ranking will be increased.



Another method without any doubt through which you can increase blog traffic is LinkedIn social/business platform. If you have a large number of followers or friends on Facebook as well as twitter. Both of them will not benefit you as like LinkedIn as it’s the place of professional who update or post on the valuable thing. It’s the best place to get high traffic as well as advertisers and marketers.

The first step of starting account on LinkedIn is to search your competitor (if you have) with site: and then type your Keyword in Google and you will see the profile link of your competitor. Such type of profile have complete information and so from theme you can get information to fulfill your own profile data. If you see them on first page of Google, it mean they have something that’s why there accounts are ranked on first page of google. After updating your profile link start building connection with others, the more people in your list mean getting more traffic from LinkedIn. Sending requested to everybody in LinkedIn is not possible without an interaction in present or past. You can send request to someone who belong to the same community where you are. Import contact from other network for joining certain group.

Give value to other people content and submit your content too with link back to your website. Which will boost your website traffic if you have good reputation there. Also you can contact and send Personal messages to your friend and family in your list.


I think 99% of the people search for How to increase blog traffic in the starting phase of their blog. One of the best method which I think very few people know is the Adswaps. In this method one blogger contact another blogger for sharing his/her email list to leverage other person work for generating traffic and more email subscriber. Mostly bloggers agree if the content are not harmful, also the email list with same or little bit different number of subscribers. Try to create squeeze page for such offer which you are sharing with other bloggers subscriber, which will increase your sale, traffic as well as subscriber list. Do not promote only paid offers. Provide something free to the visitor which will increase the value of you and your blog with more subscriber list and hits on blog. You can find your adswap partner in different forums, Social media as well as in direct contact with blog owner. Also add something as free like eBooks, or any software for the other weblog subscriber like this offer is only for ‘Wahab’ readers

Some people might have this question in mind that how another blogger will accept their request if the subscriber of that blog are 2X more than his/her blog. Just convince them to share the post to only that much subscriber which you have and so the amount will become equal.

The 2nd offer which have always work is to convince the person on commission which you can earn from the product he/she shared to his/her subscriber. This tricks mostly work as the aim of every person is to generate some buck.
Always keep one thing in mind. Never share your mailing list with other as he can spam your subscriber and so the result will be the immediate cancellation of the subscription.

JV Giveaway Event

This is one of the hidden method which I think 90% people don’t know and through which you can increase blog traffic up to 50%. The method is simple, all you need have to invite partners who are also working on the same niche who they all contribute for the free gift

For the gift you will need to create a squeeze page and member area were the visitor will get all there gift that might be any software, eBook, Digital invention, audio or video guide or membership passes? The list is hugely marketed on different platform and so in result everyone get a huge number of subscriber list.

Website link:

Organic Stumbles to your weblog

This is another method which we mostly ignore. If you want to know the power of stumble upon? Just go the post written on kissmetrics. Where a post which was written randomly on iphone auto correct messages got the attention of a simple visitor which have only 179 follower. He stumbled the post and a result the blog got more than 7000 hits/day and 43000+ views total. Below is the graph of that post.

How to increase blog traffic- proven method to promote your blog

He also mentioned that if you want to increase the chances of more traffic. Add the stumble upon badge on your weblog which also give tips related to blogging, feed burner, typed and WordPress integration.


One of the source through which people are generating high traffic to their website is reddit. A social community which get up to 2 billion hit each month. Most of the user belong to this community are from US. I myself have tested this method on my newly created blog for a month (sold the blog later) and believe me every the traffic graph will be more of 2000 hits. All you need have to just follow their rules and regulation as they strictly follow their rules. In case of any violation your account will be terminated without any warning. Mine one got terminated while I was there gold member. Google reddit before your joining, if you have less or no information.

Reddit complete Guide


How to increase blog traffic guide is getting closer to its final touch. This is not the final list and you can find many other special techniques by googling the keyword like tips to increase a blog traffic, how to generate traffic, top tactics to increase blog traffic and how to increase blog traffic in short time spun without any SEO or paid advertisement. These tactics which I have shared above are looking so simple. But believe me it will work like a charm, all you need is just to give it a try for a month with full consistency. The blog which I have created for the first time in 2011 was increased to 4500 AVG visitors per day by these simple tactics. Just keep some simple tips in mind. Never copy other blogger post, be consistent, always do comments on other bloggers blog. Start guest posting, participate in question and answer communities, increase your social interaction, create quality contents. And he last and final words never give up.

Best of luck for the better blogging future, feel free in case of any suggestion or if you want to add something valuable for the customer. The below comment box is open for you!

Stay blessed and keep visiting us.