How to Host your Website for free?

how to host website for free

You can buy web hosting if you want to host your website and create one. There are many paid web hosts out there like Hostgator and iPage etc. They give you web hosting on balanced prices that you can buy and host your website on. You can then install WordPress and other CMS on it. If not then you can upload your website to that web host. But if you are creating small project and experimenting something, then you don’t really need paid web hosting. Why waste money on paid web hosting when you have only a small project to work on. Now, here comes the free web hosting. There are many free web hosts that you can use in such situations. These free web hosts offer a slight good amount of space and other features, though not good like the paid one but you can still make it work and it will work pretty well with your small project. In this article, we will show you many free webshots that you can use for your need.

So here is the list of 4 ways that you can use to host your website :


There are many web hosts that offer free web hosting but with that, fills your website with ads. But does not do that. It does not fills your website with ads and not even puts text links in it. So if you are going for a free web host, you should definitely try this web host.


You can use to host your website for free. WordPress is a free CMS and you can use to create websites. You can download WordPress and install it on your webhost to get it running. But there is another way as well using which you can run WordPress CMS. You can use and get your subdomain that will be e.g and anything like that. Then you can select the theme and other settings of your website and that way get your website for free. The only two drawbacks of using are that you have to use a subdomain and moreover you can’t use custom plugins. But anyway, for a small project, it will do more than good for you.


Here’s another good platform that you can use to host your website. It’s called Using this, you can create a number of blogs that would be hosted on Google’s web servers and you won’t pay a single penny for the web hosting. Of course, it’s provided by Google and it’s a Google service. You can select different themes for your blog that are available on the internet. Blogger can be tweaked to full extent and there are many blogger resource websites that will help you to get started and help you whenever you need. The drawback of Blogger is that you have to choose a subdomain which will end in for your blogs. Though, you can convert it to a full domain name whenever you want to and when you have a particular domain name available. If you ever want to switch to top level domain, then google the tutorial for it and you will get plenty. There is a tutorial from Google about this domain name changing as well. So no worries and happy blogging !


If you are a photographer, artist or some freelancer then there is a good scenario that you only need little space to showcase what you do and what are capable of. It’s like CV, then is the good place for you to go with. It allows you to make a page for yourself where you can write about what you are and what you do. The good thing is that it lets you have a picture of yourself on your page as well.

Your Opinion :

There may be other ways that can be used to host your website for free and get a free web space where you can write about things you want and share your ideas using a website, blog and many other things. If you know any other way to get a free website, then do tell us by using the comment box below. Tell us what you think about the methods we have listed here as well.  Have a good day!