How to force download Windows 10

A lot of people were waiting for Windows 10 and it’s been a couple of days since Windows 10 release and a lot of people reserved their copy of Windows but the download isn’t starting. So what to do in this condition as we already know Microsoft is upgrading users in phases so that makes sense now.

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Apart from this just in case if you don’t know Microsoft is letting users to upgrade to windows 10 for limited amount of time so it’s better to avail the opportunity and get your free copy of Windows 10 now and enjoy.

There are two methods for downloading Windows 10 but first of all there are certain things you should be aware of which are:

  • You should have genuine copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 or even if you have pirated copy of Windows 8 and its activated you’ll be able to download.
  • Make sure you meet at least you meet the minimum requirement of Windows 10
  1. CPU 1Ghz or faster
  2. Ram 1GB for 32bits(x86) and 2GB for 64bits(x64).
  3. Graphics and sound card must be DirectX 9 capable.
  4. Storage for 32bits and 64bits must be 16GB and 20GB respectively.
  5. Plus a good internet to download approximately 4GB of data for installation.


Method 1:

         Step 1: First of all go to your C drive and look for a folder named “$Windows.~BT” you might even need to check the hidden files and folder, for me I found it hidden. Well you have it then we are set to go otherwise    skip to Method 2.

Step 2: Secondly you have to reserve your copies of Windows 10 which I assume you all have done and if you haven’t you’ll need to use Windows 10 app to do it. If you look at the right bottom corner of the screen you can see a Windows icon just click on it and follow the instruction to reserve yourself a copy of Windows 10.

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       Step 3: Go to search bar and type “Windows update” you’ll see the icon of app open it and set to receive Windows update to automatically.

Step 4: OK now after you’re done with setting update go to your C drive and navigate to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download and delete everything file and folder you find in here.   Don’t worry it’s not a scam and deleting those files will do nothing so don’t worry and delete them all.

Step 5: OK now go to search bar and type “cmd” or “command prompt” you’ll see the command prompt icon right click on it and click “Run as Administrator”

Step 6: Once you’ve open it now type the command and press enter:  wuauclt.exe /updatenow .

After you’re done will step 6 you’ll see the Windows update panel pop up and Windows 10 will start downloading.


Method 2:

  • Once you have open the above mentioned site download yourself and free copy of Windows 10 by following the instruction given on page and you’re good to go


Don’t forget to share and tell in the comments if you have any problem downloading Windows 10 or if the above mentioned methods didn’t work out for you.

Good Luck and have a Great Day.