How to fix water damaged phone

A mobile phone is something that is very personal and everyone should love their phone and take a great care of it. But if someone drops their phone in sink, pool, and toilet or in any other place in water, for sure you will be worry about your water damaged phone. But after some moments of sadness, hectic and panic you should save your mobile phone from water damage.

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water damaged phone


There is always a question in our mind “can a water damaged phone be fixed?” or “how to fix a phone from water damage”. I know that it is very panic and tough situation when you pick up your cell phone from a sink or pool and there is constantly water is dropping out from your phone. Below I am mentioning some steps that you should follow and you can fix the problem and reset your mobile phone without going to the repairmen shop.



First of all remove the mobile phone from water, as soon as possible. As longer it will be in there, more damage can be cause to the phone by water. There are certain trickles and small opening in the handset and if water reaches that places it will cause more damaged. After removing your phone there are some things and steps that you should follow and some that you should avoid.


  • Do not try to switch your mobile phone on forcefully if it is off.
  • Do not shake your cell phone as it will allow the water to go inside the handset.
  • Don’t try to press any button or keys of your cell phone.
  • Every mobile phone comes with a liquid damage indicator. So don’t take the phone apart as it has a direct effect on your warranty and your warranty will be void. And of you really want to take it part, do it only if you have expertise.
  • Never try to blow on your phone that ahs water damage as it will allow water to reach those places which haven’t been reached yet. This can cause more serious water damage to your phone.
  • Do not apply any kind of heat or microwave use to your handset it will completely blow up your cell phone and it will not be fixing at any cost.



  • First of all you should turn your mobile phone off and keep it in upright position.
  • Remove the back of your phone, put the battery off from the phone (IF YOUR PHONE BATTERY IS REMOVABLE)
  • All put the SD card, and Sim card out of the phone.

water damaged phone 2

  • You have to stop water from reaching to those slots from which a mobile phone can be open. Take a cloth or paper towel or a tissue paper and slowly clean your cell phone and make it dry.
  • There is small vacuum or dust extractor available in the market you can also use them to carefully suck out water from the phone if the water damage is more extensive.
  • Using vacuum extractor method is safer than a paper towel or cloth.
  • Then take a zip lock bag in which there is no space for air and filled the bag with uncooked rice. Yes uncooked rice! This method may seem odd to you but rice is very good in absorbing water.
  • Put your Smartphone with in that rice and zip the bag and leave the phone for a day as the rice will absorb all the water from the phone even from the minor edges. I personally had used this technique so it is quite helpful for me and will be for you also.

=alt"water damaged phone in rice"

  • Another method for saving your water damaged mobile is phone drying pouch. You can but it easily from any electronic or mobile accessories store.

water damaged phone

  • Do not put the phone out of the rice before one day. You can use another phone instead of that damaged one.
  • After one day you can put your battery and sim in the spot and turn it on. It will for sure work great for you.


above, these are those steps you should follow and save your water damaged phone.

What to do if the mobile phone still not working?


If the mobile phone is still not working, try charging the phone, put the charger in the slot and start charging. If the phone is still not taking charge. Your battery is damaged. You should keep your battery in rice or you can buy a new one for your cell phone.

Note: in worst scenarios your phone is beyond repair, and you cannot repair it on your own then you have to take it to the mobile repairing shop. But this method is working for most cases and it will help you because I personally have tied this method and my Samsung Galaxy S2 was successfully restored from the damage.

“Next time don’t take the cell phone with you to dangerous areas like in bathroom, pools, sink where there are chances that water will affect you mobile phone.”

The other solutions are that you can also use water resistance covers and pouches for your mobile phone. Many companies are introducing water proof pouches and covers that will not affect your phone and water cannot reaches if the phone is dropped in the pool and you can save your water damaged phone next time while going to pool.

water resistance cover water resistance cover 4 water resistance cover 3 water resistance cover 2

Many companies now are introducing water resistance mobile phone. Samsung, sony Xperia are using this water proof mobile phone technology in their handsets. This is very useful feature and it can save many dollars.

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