How to Disable Internet Explorer for Windows

Alt="How to disable Internet Explorer for Windows"

Internet explorer is a built in browser in windows devices like in laptops and Computer systems having computers. This browser is too much slow and having a lot of menu bars that covers. The interface because of menu bars is not so good in use. It is the slowest browser as well. When we install a new window we use it just to install Google chrome which is the most popular browser. Google chrome is the top most browsers used in all over the world. The main drawback of Internet explorer is that when you accidentally open it, it will hang your system for a while. Up till now there is no solution to uninstall it because it there is a solution to disable it from your desktop so that you will never accidentally open it. The following steps will show you the trick that how to Disable Internet Explorer for Windows operating systems.

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How to Disable Internet Explorer for Windows

Follow the following steps to disable Internet Explorer from your desktop.

  • Double click on “my computer” option or left click on “my computer” option and click on OPEN to open my computer.

click on my computer

  • Click on “uninstall or change a program” button.

step 2

  • Click on “turn windows features ON or OFF” in uninstall or change a program option or you can go through control panel as well shown in the pic.

step 3

  • Unchecked the box (remove tick sign) next to the internet explorer.

step 5

  • Click “Yes” on the pop up option.

step 6

  • Click on “OK” button to complete the task.
  • Restart windows.

These are the following steps through which you can get rid of internet explorer. There is another way to go into turn windows features ON or OFF is from start menu. Simply click on the “Start” button. Click on “Control Panel” and you will find out the “turn windows features ON or OFF” button. After that all the procedure is same which is given on the above the points.