How to Disable AutoPlay Facebook Videos Feature

Disable AutoPlay Facebook Videos

Facebook, has added one new feature, enabled auto-play of all videos on timelines share by default for every Facebook user. Those video shared by some of yours Facebook Friends or family member. If you don’t want to play or see that video – appearing on your Facebook timelines – play automatically when you scroll down the timeline by default, creating a lot of fear among the Facebook users. So here we are going to fix this problem and you will be able to disable AutoPlay Facebook videos features.

This auto-play feature of Facebook videos is very annoyance at times, always when you’re on a slow internet connection. These AutoPlay of Facebook videos consume a lot of bandwidth and slow down everything that you are doing important work over internet.

Moreover, auto-play of Facebook Videos may also cost you extra if you are using a limited data plan. A lot of problem people are facing now a days with this auto play feature. We are closed to tell you that how you disable AutoPlay features on Facebook. Quickly you disable AutoPlay Facebook videos if you using internet on data plan.

After disable AutoPlay features on Facebook it should be your choice for playing a video or otherwise, and not Facebook’s to AutoPlay all the videos that are thrown at you.

But we are luckily there’s a way of disabling Auto-Play feature of Facebook Video, and it simple. Concentrate Just on below steps and disable AutoPlay features on Facebook just in only 20 Seconds.

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How to Disable AutoPlay of Facebook Videos:

1# Open Facebook and go to Setting (or Click here, direct link )

Disable AutoPlay Facebook Videos

2# Click on video in left menu (at bottom)

Disable AutoPlay Facebook Videos

3# there will be shown two category, the first one is in which quality (SD or HD) you want to see facebook videos and the second option of facebook Autoplay video. So what you need now that you ‘Off’ for AutoPlay of Facebook Videos.Disable AutoPlay Facebook Videos

And now you all done!

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How To Disable AutoPlay Facebook Video for Mobile App:

1# Open Facebook App and Tap

Disable AutoPlay Facebook Videos

2# Scroll down and tap App Setting

Disable AutoPlay Facebook Videos

3# tap Video AutoPlay

Disable autoPlay Facebook Videos

4# now select off

Disable autoPlay Facebook Videos

And you all done.

now was done Disable autoPlay Facebook Videos