How to access your Android phone’s hidden “Testing” menu

Many people uses their mobile phone just to make their life easy and they don’t need something else and they don’t know that what can android do for that or what is the power of android. Android mobile phones are capable of doing many things for you but the percentage of those people who knows the real value of android are very less.

But it is OK, if the owner is satisfied from a phone and he don’t want to do something with android so it makes sense. But if you have free time and you want to go deeper into the sides of android software so this post is especially for those people who love to go deeper in their mobile phone and actually you should know all things about your android mobile.

alt="android secret code"

Almost all mobile phones have some secret codes which doesn’t come with manual. Now talking about the android mobile phones so we will showing you a code that reveals a hidden android testing menu. The code is *#*#4636#*#*, you just need to put this code in your dialer and the android testing menu will be appear on the screen, and it will show you four sub menus:

  • Phone information (IMEI number, current network, etc.),
  • Battery information (including health, voltage, and temperature),
  • Usage statistics (showing the apps that were last used on your smartphone, including the exact usage time),
  • Wi-Fi information (besides finding Wi-Fi information, and being able to disable or enable networks, you can run ping tests from here – though you can also do this from the Phone info sub-menu).

This code works on most of the android mobile phone, and you can test it on various devices. But be sure while playing with these codes as if you change something that you don’t have knowledge of it so it will destroy your mobile phone. For example, if you turn off the phone’s radio (this can be done from the Testing -> Phone information sub-menu), you’ll no longer be able to use your device as a phone – for calls, text messages, or cellular data – unless you turn the radio on again.

the screenshots of this menu are showing below:

alt="android secret code"


alt="android secret code"


So this was Android phone’s hidden “Testing” menu , it will work in almost all mobile phone. Do tell us if you had any issue while doing this code.