Giveaway: Get 3 HotSpot Shield Elite License keys for 1 year

Diaryinc is going to announce its first Giveaway with the joint Collaboration of Anchorsfree by giving 3 Hotspot Shield Elite VPN keys for 1 year to our loyal readers. There will be three winners and each will get a free 1 year Hotspot Shield Elite VPN key.

VPNs these days have become a powerful tool for people who want to open blocked websites and those websites whose access is restricted to them by their internet service providers (ISPs) or any other issue. You can use these VPNs to open blocked websites such as social networking websites in your school or college and like that other websites that have been blocked by your Internet Service Providers.

But what if you get that VPN which you are going to buy i.e. Hotspot Shield Elite for free. Yeah, we are here talking about free Hotspot Shield Elite VPN. We will be giving away three Hotspot Shield Elite VPN license keys for 1 year using which you can surf the web anonymously.

There are many VPNs available on the internet but as newbies, we always go for the free version ones. In that case, we try some other free VPNs but eventually we get tired of them because of their slow speed and other disadvantages. But still in that scenario Hotspot shield wins the hearts of their readers. So then, we search for the premium VPN which has fast speed and is more reliable and is at affordable price as well. At last, you find a good VPN such as Hotspot Shield.

Hotspot Shield is a free as well as paid version of VPN having some limitations on their free version like bandwidth limit to 3 GB per month, embedded advertisement and control connection speed. This is for free Hotspot Shield. But there is also another version available which is the premium Hotspot Shield and it costs only $29.95 per year. It’s having no ads and super-fast connection speed as well. The premium Hotspot Shield allows you to select different VPN servers like United States, United Kingdom and Australia etc. and it supports up to five devices.

But first, let’s talk about Hotspot Shield first i.e. what it is? And how does it work?

What is Hotspot Shield Elite?

Hotspot shield Elite is a well-known VPN using which you can surf the web anonymously, visit websites that are blocked in your area and will provide protection from malware etc. All your surfing on the internet will not be tracked by ISPs since they would already be masked.

Some of the main features of Hotspot shield Elite version are:

Secure Connection

By hotspot Shield Elite version you can browse securely to any website including blocked one in your area without worrying about data tracing.

Anonymous online Access

Hotspot Shield give you access to browse internet, exchange emails and share data confidently without worrying about your history by making your IP fully private.

Identify Theft protection

Hotspot shield Elite provide secure private tunnel to your payment gateway and personal data, and so protect you from online thieves and hackers.

Malware Protection

Hotspot shield strong malware protection program protect you from more 3.5 million spam, phishing site and malware threats.

Fast browsing

The software also increase your internet browsing speed by providing their high dedicated VPN server.

Ease of Access

The installation of Hotspot shield elite free as well as paid version installation is so simple. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge… Simple download the file run the setup as usual and secure yourself as well as your browser.

24/7 Technical Support

If you are Hotspot shield Elite user. Than you come under the umbrella of their Dedicated Support. You can access theme any time by email as well as Live support (for English user only).

There are so many lovers of HotSpot Shield VPN and many people use it. Here is a good news for all those lovers that they can get a chance to win the HotSpot Shield Elite Premium VPN for 1 year and use it thoroughly for 1 year.

How to enter in the giveaway?

The procedure of entering in this giveaway is so simple. Just follow the following step and win 1 year Elite silence key of hotspot shield the best VPN.

1- Signup in the giveaway by providing your email address or through Facebook/twitter.

2- Follow all the procedure given below which is the sharing of this post on Facebook, twitter and Google plus etc.

3- Do the procedure once every day according to the time framework given in below box.

4- More sharing mean more number of people will sign up under your referral which mean more number of chances to win the giveaway.

Links to download hotspot Shield VPN free version for your Desktop, IOS and Android Smartphones.

Desktop Version

Android Version

IOS Version Hotspot Shield

HotSpot Shield Elite Giveaway

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