Halo 5 New Screenshots, Release Date, Trailer, Warzone


Hey Gamers!!!!! The Latest product almost developed by 343 Industries is Halo 5, the sequel to Halo 4 which is going to be published by Microsoft Studios. It will be released for XBOX One Exclusively! Halo fans know about the gameplay already which is pretty obvious. So we are going to focus on the new features only.


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Halo 5 Release Date:

Halo 5 will be released on 27th of Oct 2015 for XBOX. PC and Play Station users, Sorry to say but its exclusively for XBOX!



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Halo 5 Trailer:


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0YkQ4YKOSw]

New Features:

Only a few things are to be mentioned about the single player mode (But hey! It is going to get exciting, the best part is yet to come) which are squad-based shooter mechanics and the role of Nathan Fillion is reprised as a voice actor.

Here comes the exciting part now. The new Warzone Multiplayer Mode which is a replacement for the Fire Fight Mode from Halo 4. In the Warzone mode 24 players fight to kill opponents as much as they can and take control of the most area on the map, there are enemies in the mode, which are artificial intelligence controlled. Throughout the level Req Stations are scattered from which you can get more power-ups, vehicles and weapons as the game moves on. Psst! reading is boring, let us show you so that you get to know in a better way.


Halo 5 Multiplayer War Zone Trailer:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KjOcfDRA6w]


According to : gottabemobile

Not much time is left in the release. A copy of the game will cost $59.99. Or you can pre order it on XBOX Store. So Order as soon as possible if you dont want the fun to be delayed.



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