Haier 7G-5H Core i3 laptop (PM youth Laptop Scheme 2015)

The Prime Minister Laptop scheme has been succeeded very well in all over Pakistan and many students has got the laptop. The previous laptop scheme named as CM shahbaz shareef laptop scheme and the laptops were from the Dell Company. But this time the order of PM Nawaz shareef laptops is given to Haier Company.

Keep in your mind that before this order Haier has doesn’t make any single laptop. So this was a big opportunity for Haier Company. More than 1,000,000 laptops has been dispatched and has been given to the needy and talented student of different universities all over Pakistan.

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Haier 7G-5H Core i3 laptop (PM youth Laptop Scheme 2015)

Haier 7G-5H Core i3 laptop Design

The design of these laptops are very brilliant and Haier Company has made these laptops with very cure. These laptops are Notebook series which is very famous for its sleek and stylish design. The laptop is very thin and stylish on the front when the laptop is fold you will get a Prime Minister youth laptop scheme logo with the stylish grey color shining body.

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On the left side of the Haier Laptops you will get a 2 slots of USB 3.0, a micro SD slot where you can enter your SD card and transfer data between laptop and SD card. You will also get USB charging slot and Ethernet cable slot on the same left side of these laptops.

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On the right side of Haier laptops you get a big portion covered by a DVD ROM and a USB 3.0 slot. On the back cover you will get a 6 cell battery which is very good, the timings are also very long lasting.

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The keyboard is very stylish of black color and the rest of the body is in grey color. Buttons of keyboard are very smooth and you can easily type anything.

Haier 7G-5H Core i3 laptop Specifications

The detailed specifications of Prime Minister Haier core i3 laptops are given below

Model Haier 7G-5H 4005
Inter core Core i3 1.7 GHz
Product type Home
Category Notebook
Operating System Windows 8.1 (Pre-installed).


  • CPU series Intel Core i3 4 -generation family.
  • CPU Type Intel Core i3 4005 U.
  • CPU clocked at 1700.000(1.7GHz).
  • Core frequency 2000.000.
  • 3MB cache.
  • Motherboard chipset Intel QM87.

Storage Device:

  • Memory capacity 4GB (4GB RAM).
  • Memory type DDR3 1333MHz.
  • Hard disk capacity
  • Hard to describe 5400.
  • No built-in CD-ROM drive type.


  • Screen size 14.000.
  • Screen resolution 1366×768.


  • Twographics card type ( performance -level graphics card + integrated graphics ).
  • Graphics chip NVIDIA GeForceGT 740M + Intel GMA HD 4400.
  • Memory Type DDR3.
  • Memory capacity 2GB.
  • 128bit memory interface.


  • Built-in audio chip audio system.
  • Speaker Built-in speaker.
  • [ Camera / network communications ] Camera 720p HD
  • Wireless LAN11b/g/n wireless protocol.


  • 3 × USB2.0 data interface.
  • Video Interface VGA, HDMI.
  • Reader -in-1 card reader.
  • Audio interface headphone output interface.

Input Device:

  • Touchpad pointing device.
  • Chocolate Keyboard Keyboard description.

Power Description:

  • Battery Type 4-cell lithium battery.
  • Life specific time depending onuse


  • Notebook Weight 2100.
  • Shellmaterial magnesium alloy.
  • Description Hyun brushed steel casing.

Warranty Information:

  • Warranty Policy Genius, enjoy Warranty Services.
  • Warranty time 1

Haier 7G-5H Core i3 laptop Unboxing

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Haier 7G-5H Core i3 laptop (PM youth Laptop Scheme 2015) Unboxing

when you unbox this device you will get the following things:

  1. Haier Core i3 Laptop.
  2. Standard charger for laptop.
  3. warranty card plus information.
  4. complete user guide.
  5. USB EVO device.
  6. Projector connecting cable
  7. Laptop Bag.

The complete video of Haier core i3 laptop is given below, check it out


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Haier 7G-5H Core i3 laptop (PM youth Laptop Scheme 2015) -Diaryinc

These laptops are very good and brilliant although, we have found some issues with some of the products but except that some minor bugs he overall laptops are very good. The best thing about these laptops are their design which is very much related to the Apple mac book. We want your opinion about these Haier 7G-5H Core i3 laptop (PM youth Laptop Scheme 2015), that what you think about these laptops what are the plus and negative points about these laptops. Do tell us in the comment box

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