Top Hacking Tricks, is the term that people frequently search on internet. But today I will show you that how you can perform simple and attractive hacking tricks with your Notepad software. Yeah, you are astonished that could a simple word editor be a hacking tool. Notepad is not only a word editor it is also a tool used for hacking tricks. You can open up notepad by two ways one you press start menu and type “notepad” without quotes. Other you press “Windows + R” key and type notepad in run command. We will be creating some really simple notepad scripts to perform great hacking tricks.


Once you opened up notepad I will show you how to slow down or nearly hang your victim’s PC.

**Please do not try at your own PC

This trick is one of famous tricks among hacking tricks. Just type this code in your notepad text editor. See code in figure below


Or just hit Ctrl + C and copy the code

:s<br />start %0<br />%0|%0<br />goto :s<br />

Once you have successfully copied and pasted this code in notepad go to File menu and there click “Save As” and save this file with anyname.bat

Name could be of your choice but remember extension should be (.bat) otherwise it is not gonna work.

Now you have created a resource bomb. Due to its easy and simple line of code it is one of best hacking tricks.

Some of you will think what is in .bat extension and how this exploit works?

Well actually .bat means Windows Batch File. The code which we have saved as .bat extension is actually very dangerous. This code actually uses the full resource of your computer which means the RAM power and all the cores of your Processor thus slowing down the PC of victim. And at last it hangs the PC. So this deadly exploit can bring down a PC on its knees.
But remember this is just for education purpose please don’t use it to harm anybody.



Now I will discuss about .vbs script which is also know as VBScript Script File . Basically when we save a file with .vbs extension then it is considered as a VB script file and it is executed by RAM. Other files are executed by processor but files with .vbs extension are executed by RAM.

Now to perform some more great hacking tricks I will tell you few lines of a code snippet and then you will be able to create a text to speech program. Basically its just a trick but I am writing it under the category of Hacking tricks because although it don’t harm your PC but it is related to somehow hacking. Because .vbs scripts are often used for batch hacking tricks and as it is a .vbs script so it can be used as a hacking tool but now I will cover the text to speech part of this script.

As you can see in below figure there is the code snippet of this script.

Code for text-to-Speech

Or simply you can copy this code from below

Just hit Ctrl + C


Dim message, sapi

message=InputBox(“I will speak what you will type :-)”,””)

msg=”I am created by Black Shadow Studio. ”

Set sapi=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)

sapi.Speak message

sapi.Speak msg

You can enter your website link instead of “” and you can type your company name instead of

“Black Shadow Studio”.

Once you have copied this code in notepad go to File menu and press Save As and save the file with any name of your choice but save it with .vbs extension.


Now when you will open this program or double click on it

It will ask for input, type what you want Microsoft Anna to speak . What you will type in input box it will say that .

So this is how you can create a text-to-speech script just by few lines of code. I will later on share some more vbs and bat file tricks.


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So this was how some really amazing hacking tricks I showed to you. But remember that the resource trick was just for education purpose. Please don’t use it to harm somebody. Please comment below your precious opinions and suggestions.

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