Hacking Data Packets


Hacking data packets or intercepting internet traffic is really a difficult job. Because there are randomly millions of packets of data passing through air in every millisecond. But the purpose of this article is to make hacking data packets easy and quick. So like always we are doing this task with the help of a small but really dangerous tool called Cain&Abel.

It is especially designed for sniffing data packets and cracking windows password. In this article we will cover the sniffing of data packets or hacking data packets. First you download this software from the official website of Oxid.



Now you have downloaded the software successfully so open the Cain.exe program.

**You should be system administrator to run this program.

First I want you to configure your network adapter. So press start button and type “cmd” hover your pointer at cmd and press “Ctrl+Shift+Enter” and command window will open up. Type command “ipconfig”. And from there note your IPv4 Address.

Then go to cain window and there go to “Configure”. A new window will open there match your IPv4 address with adapter and select that adapter. Now you have successfully configured your adapter for hacking data packets.

Now you will have a screen shown below

Cain main window

First press the green sniffer button and start sniffer.

Then press anywhere in below area so you will see a blue + sign in toolbar.

Then press that + button and you will see a mac address scanner as shown in figure.

Mac Address Scanner

Press ok at this screen and after complete scan of your subnet it will display all the hosts which are on your subnet.

Then press the yellow button which is APR Poison after you activated APR go to “APR” tab which is located below with “Hosts” tab.

APR Activation


When you are at APR tab then again press anywhere to enable the + sign.

Then press + sign and a new window will open up

Select your ip at left and all the victim IP(s) will be on right side.
Then select the ip of victim for hacking data packets.

Select Host for spoofing

And it will start hijacking the traffic between you and victim so that you can see all the traffic of victim. For example IP addresses of websites victim visited, device certificates, passwords etc.

That’s how hacking data packets is done with Cain. When you will use it you will be surprised that it can do almost anything. It is best for parents and head of organizations to monitor the behavior of their children and employees.

When it says “Full Routing” it means it is hijacking every single packet between your subnet and your victim.

Successfully hacked


As you can see we can capture any data packet on our subnet. So this is how you can see what others are surfing on your WiFi. This was all about hacking data packets but there is also a solution of this that nobody can steal your data packets or how to prevent session hijacking and cookie stealing. I will discuss these both in detail in later articles. But now I am providing you a solution for securing your internet traffic. There is a latest secure browser called as TOR and can be downloaded from official website TOR Browser.

TOR actually is abbreviation of “The Onion Router”. Because when you surf from tor browser it actually encrypts the header of data packet, then it is send to another server or relay node which just decrypts header and encrypts it again with different address so when your data packet is decrypted at final location it is like an onion encrypted in several layers of security.

So download TOR and enjoy anonymity on internet.


For users in Pakistan, you don’t have to use VPN’s just use TOR browser it will unlock every website e-g Youtube, Netflix etc.


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