Gummy Flavor Match Review

Independently developed and designed by Adam Irvine, Gummy Flavor Match game is the latest smartphone craze. Inspired by the concept of puzzle gaming, Gummy Flavor Match is a free to play puzzle game. Its your average puzzle game with a unique twist, you have to match the right gummy flavor candy in order to move onto the next level.

As you level up there comes a variation in the theme and the gums get organized in such a manner that its get difficult for you to match them. Which is the beauty of the game you get determined to pass each level and in this manner you get addicted to it and come again to keep playing it. To get through each level you have to match the right gum flavor of same color which in late levels get difficult to achieve.

123Each level is different and unique in a way because of the different and more complex arrangements of gums. Overall the game is a beautiful experience and can be played by people of all ages even grown ups if they love challenges.

You can download the game from here.