Google Now VS Siri comparison | which one is a Good Personal Assistant

Apple declared its new iPhones in San Francisco on September 9 and plot, among numerous different things, new upgrades to its computerized partner, Siri. However, in what capacity will it hold up against the Google Now on Tap highlights that are accompanying Android Marshmallow? Perused our Google Now VS Siri comparison, to see which computerized associate will have the best components when the following huge OS overhauls land.

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Google Now versus Siri: What’s new?

When we first saw Google Now on Tap, we thought it was the best element presented with Android M. Google Now on Tap draws on Google Now’s comprehension of more than 100 million distinct settings, and in addition the unmatched Google Knowledge Graph, and can be utilized on any application or site on your telephone.

Google Now on Tap

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Google Now on Tap will work not as a different application, but rather as a little slide-up overlay over whatever screen you’re on, utilizing the data from that screen to envision what you may need to ask it.

For instance, in case you’re perusing an email that specifies an eatery, Google Now can raise alternatives to summon the eatery straight or make a booking.

Even better, in case you’re listening to a tune on your music player, you can make inquiries like “what’s his last collection?” or “what’s her genuine name?” and Google Now will know who you’re discussing in view of what is occurring on screen. It has progressive potential.


Siri is likewise concentrating on setting touchy elements, with Apple utilizing popular expressions like ‘proactive partner’ and “insight” to portray the overhauls. On the off chance that you get an instant message, you can simply get some information about it later, for instance, or you can spare occasion welcomes from your messages specifically into your timetable.

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Apple Siri (Personal Assistant)

Also, Siri will perceive your area, so when you get into the auto it may switch your music player to a book recording of you’re picking, or put on a high-vitality playlist when you’re at the exercise center. Siri’s changes are supported by another API for its pursuit bar, which can now incorporate with applications and raise results from inside applications specifically on the iOS home screen.

Always tuning in

Previously, Siri must be called upon when holding down the home catch, when raising the telephone to your mouth, or when your iPhone was connected to. In iOS 9, Siri will be ‘continually tuning in’ implying that you can say “Hey Siri” whenever to actuate it.

It is conceivable to arrange Google Now to act in the same way.

Google Now VS Siri comparison: Speed and precision

At WWDC 2015, it was uncovered that Siri has a word blunder rate of a simple five percent, which is “an industry-driving number,” as indicated by Apple Senior VP of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi. Obviously, we ought to bring such showcasing spiel with a squeeze of salt and look all the more carefully at genuine tests on the voice partner devices.

On the other hand, different tests have found that Google Now’s answers have been more precise than Siri’s. In July 2014, Piper Jaffray Analyst Gene Munster said that Google Now had overwhelmed Siri for exactness, getting 86 percent of inquiries right, while Siri accurately addressed 84 percent.

Siri, notwithstanding, has been adulated for recovering results quicker than Google Now, regardless of the fact that they are insignificantly less precise. So we have a voice acknowledgment/exactness/speed triangle with which to make our evaluations.

Both Android Marshmallow and iOS 9 will stamp a noteworthy new point of reference for both individual collaborators, so anticipate that the outcomes will change essentially when the new OS redesigns are discharged.

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Google Now VS Siri comparison: Interface

Both Google Now and Siri are effortlessly available regardless of what screen you’re on. In both cases, you simply hold the home catch on your gadgets to get a full-screen overlay demonstrating the particular individual partner. Once you’re on that screen, you basically pose your question and (ideally) get a speedy reaction.

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In any case, in iOS 9 and Android Marshmallow, Siri and Google Now will be more coordinated into their separate working frameworks, in a manner that’ll make them more pervasive yet less noticeable. With Siri, for instance, you’ll have recommendations showing up on your homescreens for gets in touch with you may need to call, in view of the way that that individual orchestrated a meeting with you that day by content or email.

Because of Google Now on Tap, Google Now will feel less like a different application, and more like an incorporated collaborator that is there to help you with whatever you require right then and there. It will essentially function as a little overlay at the base of your showcase and will comprehend what you need to ask it in light of what’s on screen. It’ll be not so much meddling, but rather more helpful.


With real upgrades inbound for both Google Now VS Siri comparison, the conclusion for our Google Now versus Siri examination remains a bit… uncertain. Both individual associate instruments are still all that much works in advancement, however both as of now yield amazing results. Google Now appears to have the edge in exactness, yet Siri beats it on pace.

It’s unmistakable that neither Apple not Google need Siri and Google Now to feel like cool additional components, however basic and significant parts of their separate working frameworks. Android Marshmallow and iOS 9 will be huge strides forward for both individual associate devices, and we’re eager to do a reversal and look at them when their next enormous upgrades land.

Yet, for the purpose of a delightful conclusion, we’re anticipating that Google Now on Tap will have the edge over Siri. Where Siri is making strides to being more like Google Now, Google Now is presenting a component that could be a colossal moves towards getting data as and when we need it. Who knows, that element may make a big appearance at WWDC 2016…

Do you incline toward Google Now or Siri? What specific component gives it the edge? Tell us in the remarks.

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