How to Use Google Maps Offline

Google maps in one of the best apps for finding a desired location, but it requires a continuous connection of the internet, which is not an ideal situation for those who are traveling outside the cities. But the good thing is that now there is a way to use Google Maps Offline.

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Using Google Maps offline

Now many times happen that you are going to an unfamiliar place, you use Maps app to download the map of that area so that you can access it later on offline.

People don’t know this, but there are limits to how much data your phone can handle. Google Maps warns a person if you’re trying to download the whole Europe when you’re just interested in a small city or area.

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Steps of saving maps for offline usage.

  • Launch the Google Maps app.
  • Search for the place you’re going to or that of you require a map.
  • Tap on the name of the place.
  • Tap on the three-dot icon to bring some more options.
  • The app will now ask from you to pan the area you wanted to download. The thing is that, the smaller the area the better the app will be.


To use the map that you have downloaded, just open the Menu Bar, tap on My Places and scroll down until you see your downloaded maps. The good thing about the offline maps is that it won’t be using any data connections, but you won’t get the advantages of cool features like live traffic info or life public transit times.

Many people may do not know this but these maps get stored in Google Maps and then after 30 days, they get automatically deleted.

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How to use GPS when you can’t access Google

Offline maps are all good, but they’re hardly as useful as GPS apps. At this time Google Maps does not give the luxury of GPS tracking system when there is no data connection, but there are a lot of other Android apps that provide us with this luxury, there are some good apps like TomTom BUT the thing is that they can become very pricy and expansive.

TomTom GPS app is a very decent and a reliable app but the thing is that it comes with in-app purchases, this means that you have to checkout a free option first. One of the best apps now a days is MapFactor Navigator, which has been built on the OpenStreet Map project.

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The first step after you downloaded the app is to download the map or maps you require. There isn’t any point in downloading the full planet, because firstly it will take forever to download and secondly it will take a lot of space and you will run out of space – but since the whole country’s weigh in less than 1 GB. The thing is that you cannot use this app until all the data has been downloaded.

Once you have downloaded the exact map data then you can use it as you can’t it, just set the appropriate mode of transport and you are ready to go. The app automatically reroute you if you take a wrong turn, and doesn’t need to download any additional data to do so.

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