Google and facebook are planning of free internet access across the globe

The two internet giants google and facebook is planning of free internet access across the globe with very high internet speed and cheap internet connection. Nowadays there are approximate 7 billion plus population is of the world in which only 3 billion plus population has access to the internet. To provide internet connection to this population is the new big challenge for these two internet giants. For this challenge, both companies are giving their best efforts. Which are stated below;

Google loon project:-

Google loon project contain a balloon which will hover above the weather of the earth in the stratosphere. From where it will shower the signals of the internet and these signals will be catch by the receivers on the building on earth. One balloon is of big as tennis court which takes 10 minutes to fill up and will hover 27 kilometers above the earth and can stay up there for 100 days. The balloon is made of polyethylene plastic and below of which there is connected an electronic device which will send signals to the receivers on earth and also these balloons will communicate with each other through this device.  After a successful test in Wisconsin, it will shift to Indonesia which will be the first place for loon project launching in the world.


Facebook on free internet access across the globe :-

Apart from google facebook has a lot of project regarding this purpose those are described below:



Facebook’s Aquilla project :-

Aquilla is the drone made by facebook  which will hover above the weather in the stratosphere from where it will shower internet signals on us. This Aquila will have communication with the google balloons to avoid clashes above the weather. The purpose that they choose the stratosphere it is because that it will be much easier then satellites signals transmission and also it will be  above the commercial airlines route. This drone is made of carbon fiber which is ultra light and very hard. This drone will be solar powered. The launching date will be soon revealed by facebook as the successful test flight was carried out by facebook team.

alt="facebookaquilladrone" :- is the application developed by facebook to provide free internet access to everyone on this planet. Now it is working in 44 countries with different telecommunication companies. provides basics of the internet to the peoples in the remote area. According to Facebook “ we are providing free internet access to the people in remote areas  for that they could meet their educational needs, they can find jobs and many opportunities”. But is banned in India due to not following the net neutrality. provide access to few websites in which one is, of course, Facebook.



Facebook Laser Beam Technology :-

Facebook is planning another project to provide free internet access to the people that is through their Laser Beam technology. It will have a photodiode which will convert data in photons to deliver it very fast and at the other hand there will be reciever which will detect and will give internet access. In tests, the company managed to achieve a speed of 2.1Gbps using the detector, and the company thinks it can go faster.


Facebook free internet access through open cellular :-

On facebook’s journey to connect the world, they announced OpenCellular, an open source wireless access platform to bring connectivity to remote areas of the world. Facebook designed OpenCellular as an open system so anyone from telecom operators to researchers to entrepreneurs can build and operate wireless networks in remote places. It’s about the size of a shoe box and can support up to 1,500 people from as far as 10 kilometers away.  This is another step taken by facebook to provide free internet access to people of remote areas with very high internet speed and reliable  internet connection..