GetResponse Vs Aweber Vs Constant contact: Who is the Winner?

If you are going to make a decision of selecting an email marketing tool for your business. Trust me it’s an excellent decision. Email marketing will help you to grow your business in a better way. You can emails to thousands of subscribers in a few second. You get many more benefits along with this.

There are many email marketing services available for you. Now of course it’s a tough decision to select the best one among them. GetResponse, Aweber and Constant Contact are three good ones among them, offering number of unique features and services for its subscribers.

If you are confused and want to select one from GetResponse Vs Aweber Vs Constant contact, then read the whole article to end. I am going to compare these three tools in details. So that you get an idea of which one is better.

Let’s discuss pricing plans and free trials offered by GetResponse, Aweber and Constant contact.


GetResponse’ pricing plan starts from $15 offering unlimited number of emails to thousands of subscribers. In addition to that, if you wish to save more money, you can go for yearly pricing plan offering 18% discount. GetResponse is very caring when it comes to its customers. If you have more than 10 thousand subscribers GetResponse will be offering you custom quotes for different plans. See isn’t that amazing?

GetResponse Vs Aweber Vs Constant contact

Alright, coming towards the pricing plan of Constant Contact, the premium plan offers emails to up to 500 contacts for $20 per month. In addition to that the premium plan of $85 is also available, offering emails to up to 10,000 subscribers per month.

GetResponse Vs Aweber Vs Constant contact

Talking about Aweber, it offers to manage up to 500 subscribers at the cost of $19. But if the number of subscribers increases, more than 500 that you have to pay additional fees. See the below image.

GetResponse Vs Aweber Vs Constant contact: Who is the Winner?

This is the pricing plan of GetResponse, Aweber and Constant Contact. You can clearly see that GetResponse is the one that offers the best price.

Free Trials:

GetResponse offers free trial of 30 days without demanding any advance credit card details. You can go for free trial and can avail each and every feature for free. If you aren’t satisfied with its working, you are free to back off without spending any money. See how amazing it is. I guess 30 days is enough time to check the working and features of any email marketing tool.

Constant Contact offers a free trial of 60 days

In comparison to GetResponse, Constant Contact offers a free trial of 60 days, offering unlimited number of emails to 100 subscribers only. Like GetResponse, Constant Contact also do not demand any advance credit card details.

Aweber Vs Constant contact

AWeber offers its customers a free trial of 30 days. But when you are going to sign up, you are supposed to provide your credit card details in advance. In Aweber when you are going to subscribe for the monthly plan, 1st 30 day will be free but that you are supposed to pay according to the plan.

Constant contact

Let’s talk about other features offered by GetResponse, aWeber And Constant Contact.

GetResponse VS AWeber:

Getresponse vs aweber, which one is best

User friendliness:

Talking about user friendliness and easy setups, GetResponse is way better than AWeber. It has an easy and simple interface. Apart from this, GetResponse is more good looking and grabs the attention of users at once. You do not require having much technical knowledge if you are using GetResponse. A simple person with minimum technical skills can easily use the software. In addition to that, GetResponse will be guiding you on every step.

In comparison to that, Aweber is quite complex and one needs to have some technical knowledge before using it.

Landing Page Creation:

If someone of you wanted to create their own landing page, I would suggest you to go for GetResponse. GetResponse will be proving you 500 plus already built email templates along with drag and drop option. That enables you to create your own landing page without having enough coding knowledge. Moreover GetResponse also have stock of 1000 images, you can add images to the emails too.

In comparison to that, AWeber also offers you to create your own landing page. But the procedure of AWeber is quite complex. You are supposed to integrate a third party tool or otherwise you have to manually design the landing page. So when it comes to landing page creation, GetResponse is more easier and convenient. Hence GetResponse is clearly a winner here.

Opt-In forms:

GetResponse makes everything easier and simple. GetResponse users can go for single opt-in forms before launching their online campaigns. But in comparison to that, AWeber users are supposed to select double opt-in forms before going for any online campaign. So GetResponse is the best option if you want to go for single opt-in form.

Customer Support:

Both GetResponse and Aweber are good when we talk about customer support. Both email services support live chats, emails and support via telephone. But availability is the actual difference between these two.
GetResponse’ support team is active 5 days of the week from 9AM to 5PM. They do not work on Saturday and Sunday. In comparison to that, AWeber support team is available all 7 days of the week. Live support is active from 8AM to 8PM from Monday to Thursday, whereas they work 9Am-5Pm on Saturday and Sundays.  AWeber customer support team also provides a toll free number for its users. Hence AWeber is better in providing good support to its customer.


GetResponse offers 500 email templates for its users. But I believe that GetResponse email templates are a bit old fashioned and outdated. In comparison to that AWeber offers better email templates. Recently few templates of emails are listed as the best wordpress templates across the globe. So AWeber is the winner in the Template war.

GetResponse Vs Constant Contact:

GetResponse Vs Constant Contact:

Money Back guarantee:

Constant contact is only email marketing service that will offer you 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with its service, you can get back your money in your pocket . What you are supposed to do is just call Constant Contact team within thirty days after your first payment was made. They will be refunding all your payments, without asking you a single question. Isn’t that so nice of them?

In comparison to that GetResponse does not offer money back guarantee for its users.

Landing Page creation:

GetResponse enables you to create more attractive landing pages. It offers you 500+ built-in templates with simple drag and drop options. You can also select images from 1000+ stock images. Plus you can create your own landing pages without hiring any technical person.

In comparison to that, in constant contact you are supposed to use a third party software. Then the software will help you to create your own landing page.

Ease of Use:

When we talk about ease of use, I have found that GetResponse is way better than constant contact. GetResponse will be guiding its users on each and every step if you are new to online business. Trust me if you are new comer and going to use email marketing tool for the first time the, GetResponse is the best email marketing service that you can avail. GetResponse has 500+ builtin templates with easy and simple drag and drop option. It enables you to create your own landing pages. Moreover it is mobile friendly. Each template is mobile supported and you can view it on your smartphone before sending.
Constant contact, in comparison to GetResponse, is a bit complex. Its web page feed is slow and sometime it will be giving you blank pages too.

Deliverability Rate:

Deliverability rate is very important factor in making your online campaign a success. GetResponse has deliverability rate of 99%. It is highest deliverability rate when we talk about email marketing tools. It means 99% of your emails are sent to your subscribers successfully. In comparison to that, the deliverability rate of Constant Contact is 97%. No doubt it’s not bad too, but when we compare it with GetResponse then, deliverability rate of Constant contact is a lower and GetResponse is the winner.

Contact Storage:

Constant Contact offers an easy and simple contact storage. You can add thousands of contacts into your subscriber list. It enables you to divide your contacts into certain groups. In addition to that you can add multiple contacts including emails and can also delete duplicate contacts. The contact capture tool offered by Constant Contact enables you to add and update contacts without any difficulty.

GetResponse also offers list segmentation to its users. And you can import contacts easily by using GetResponse.

Final Verdict:

GetResponse Vs Aweber Vs Constant contact have their own working and features. But in my opinion GetResponse is better if we compare it overall. If you are new to online business world and want to grow your online business, I would suggest you to for GetResponse. It will be guiding you on each and every step. Moreover it is an easy, simple and best email marketing tool for newcomers and also for professionals.


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