Get New Blog Post Index Fast In Google Search Result 2016

A question that Rise in the mind of every Blogger after starting their blog is How to get new Blog Post Index Fast in Google Search Engine?

Are you the one experiencing the same issue of not getting traffic from Google Search Engine after Finding a unique topic for Blog post, Then Researching and writing content on that topic by setting and spending hours, and then after that Blog posting, On Page SEO and Image optimization etc. and when all done then you set and start noticing your website traffic. But after few days, you noted that the content is even not appearing in Google 1st five pages. Then that was the most severe situation that you face. And may be some question arise in your mind at that time like:

  • Why is Google not indexing my Blog post quickly?
  • Why my blog post is not appearing in Google Search Result?
  • Why is Google not listing my blog and blog posts?
  • Is there any other way to get new blog post index fast in Google Search Engine?

And at that time, you will also search like:

Tricks to index

Get New Blog post index Fast in Google Search Result

So finally, I’ve decided to write a detailed post on how to get new blog post index fast in Google search engine result. If you follow the steps, I am sure your new blog post will be on the 1st page of Google Search Engine.

But before going to the main topic let me share some knowledge about what is indexing and how can you get benefits from it,

According to Search engine, Terminology Indexing of Blog post means that your blog post appears in Google search engine 1st page with the help of Follow and No Follow Tags. The search engine bots visit your website and crawl and index that pages that have Tags with following the label. Then when someone search In Google related to that specific keywords that you have targeted. Your post appears in Google search Engine 1st page and when he visit your website. That increase your website traffic and visibility, and so you earn money from the AdSense ads displayed over there or from Affiliate banners and review you have done.

You might be interesting to know the detailed post ON page SEO techniques to Rank on 1st Page Written by Harsh Agarwal.

1- Write Awesome Content


The first step to getting index your Blog post content very fast in Google search engine is the quality of content, as one should not succeed until he/she focus on writing such blog post that contain quality over quantity, uniqueness and call to action. That attract visitor to click and read that whole post until the last word.

One thing you should need to remember that is the post length. To get better understand the concept of Blog post length must read the detailed article written by Neil Patel below!

How Long Each Blog Post should be? A Driven detail answer!

Quality content mean the article should be 100% plagiarism free, with a minimum of 500 words and to the point. As that give better results in a search engine like Google. If you do not follow the above pattern, you will be penalized by Google.

Apart from above point, you should also need to focus on your title. As people like the titles that have some attraction. Let me give you an example.

  • “Blog post Length.”
  • “AVG Blog post Length.”
  • “How much lengthy your Blog post should be.”
  • “How long each Blog post should be? A detailed answer.”

People will go to the last two titles as they are more attractive than the 1st ones. So better to write eye catchy title with the extra use of LSI (Latent semantics index) keywords: The type of keywords that are closely related to your main keywords. They are not synonyms or just a keyword. They are same in meaning with your Main keyword.

2- Build Quality Backlinks


To get index in Google 1st pages and you need to build and get Quality backlinks from some authority websites. Let me share some of the list and techniques from where you can get these link:

Make Comments: Start writing comments on High authority website that related to your NICHE. Better to go for Commenluv Enabled blogs as they provide a link back toward your website content, that result in an increase of your Blog traffic.

3- Forums posting and Participation


The best things about forums are they are updated on regular basis by the user by typing new question related to their problems. For searching forums related to your niche simply type in Google, (Your Niche forum = Blogging Forums). Go there create your account, search different topics that you know are even don’t know. Google is your teacher ask from Google, write on that thing in your blog and reply to the person who has asked the question with a link toward your website post. You will see a great change in your website traffic and Ranking.

4- Guest Posting


 According to Google, Guest posting is dead, but the fact is Guest posting is still alive, here you can read more about why guest posting isn’t dead. That news was just for the purpose to limit the people from doing guest posting just for the sake of getting backlinks.

Guest posting mean writing content on another person website for the purpose to share your piece of knowledge with other blog audience and in return to get a Backlink and some audience from there. That backlink gives power to your website. So by guest posting, one can bring their website to the first page of Google.

5- Internal and External Backlinks


Backlinks are a type of hyperlink that you received from other people/company blog toward your one. Actually, backlink provide votes of appreciation to you and your website that boost your website result in Google search engine.

There are two types of backlinks that you should need to focus on:

Internal Backlink: that are created within the site. The reason behind is to increase the timing of visitors by browsing within website blog post, share valuable related post within 1 platform that ultimately balance your website bounce rate. For example, you are working on a post title “How to increase blog traffic” and you give a link another blog post written before with title “index your new Blog post fast in Google search engine” so the visitor will surely click on the link as he wants to know the procedure of getting more and more traffic.

External Backlinks: Type of Backlinks that you get from another website toward your one or you provide to any external source for the sake of giving more information to your readers and value to that website for writing quality and detail post. Google and other search engine spiders notice that thing and in result, they increase your blog visibility.

6- Use Social Media Network as a Marketing Tool

According to experts, social media play a vital role in any website ranking. You can share your blog post totally free of cost on these all social media to get likes and link back on which people click and visit your website.

Try to increase your blogging network by adding and following new friends of the same interest. Join categories with the same niche and start sharing your blog post, commenting and networking with others bloggers and their blogs.

Some of the Famous social media platforms are:

Facebook: one of the leading social media network with more than 1 Billion Users increasing day by day. Each person on Facebook is then connected with more than 100 like-minded people on AVG. when they like or share their content, that appear in their friends news feed, and so some of theirs friends also click on the same link and so it goes on.

Twitter: Twitter is the 2nd largest social media network which is increasing day by day. It’s not that much popular as Facebook is but still it’s one of the best platforms for those who love to connect with brands directly. According to a research 85%, people feel comfortable in connecting with business on twitter as compared to any other network.

LinkedIn: The 3rd most popular network that’s only for professional people networking and have more than 270 million professionals. So if you want to increase your professional network, you should join LinkedIn.

Google Plus: Google plus is the only networking from where we are getting a very decent amount of traffic per day. The only network that can boost your ranking faster.

One of the best thing in Google plus is when someone from your friend list search something on Google, and you have that keyword related post on your blog, that will arise on 1st page to him.

The community on Google plus is much more active than Facebook and other social media networks.

7- Sitemap Submission

As for a search engine, it becomes very difficult to crawl all the post on a website and then pick the latest or old one. So for that purpose Sitemap is developed for Search Engine spider to visit and pick the latest post easily and quickly from your blog. So it’s very necessary to have a sitemap on your blog installed. For the purpose, 2 plugins are very popular. Google XML sitemap and SEO by Yoast built-in sitemap.

8- Make Comments

Commenting is one of my Favorite way of getting traffic as well as Visibility in search Engine. I still remember my first blog where I was getting almost 700+ AVG traffic just by doing commenting.

The best way to getting authority and visibility is to comment on Commentluv enabled Blogs.

Please, one thing to remember, Site owner hate from comments like a nice job, Cool or awesome post. etc. etc. always try to comment on full description include criticism, appreciation or suggestion.

9- Website Submitter Tool

One of the best tool through which you can easily submit a website to different places that show your website worth value and price of the domain name. To submit your website and get a link back from there simply one can use the following tool for a good result.

IMT website Submitter

(In many cases expert do not recommend this tool, so better to create few link through it)

10- Ping Service

The service that still remember I used on one of my Blog Techvela and that got ranked at that time with some higher keywords. The two services that are reliable and easy to use are Pingomatic and Pingler. As this two website will notify different search engine about your website. As you might be thinking that word press has their Ping service, but, believe me, there is nothing wrong to use this two service also.

For WordPress ping list Click HERE and Download the file. After that simply login to your WordPress dashboard >> Setting >> writing >> Scroll to ping list, past the above list and click save changes


Once you complete done and set free from all the above setting and procedure and start writing content accordingly, you will start seeing a huge difference in your Search results.

But my Suggestion would be! Do what you love and you will see things will start going in the right direction. Follow social media and share your content on regular basis for a better result.

Final Question?

Is this guide the best fit what you were thinking? What strategy and technique you use to get index your Get New Blog Post Index Fast In Google search Engine.  Your feedback through comments will be highly appreciated.