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Not long ago, Samsung took the breath away the opposition by propelling the Galaxy S6 edge, a cell phone with a screen that bends on both sides. Those bends didn’t give the same measure of usefulness as the Galaxy Note Edge that propelled in 2014, however they made for a plan that looked to a great degree advanced. For an organization that has been censured for being extremely insensible towards the configuration perspective, the Galaxy S6 edge was a much needed refresher, and it demonstrated so prevalent that Samsung really confronted a supply issue and didn’t have enough units to go around.

Quick forward to August, and the Korean Goliath unleashed a greater adaptation of the S6 edge as the Galaxy S6 edge+. But a bigger screen and battery, the S6 edge+ is basically the same device and is implied for those that like phablets and couldn’t with the 5.1-inch screen on the first. As per Samsung, there’s sufficient interest for those curved screens for the organization to make it its primary leader in many markets (the whole European locale won’t be getting the Galaxy Note 5 at any point in the near future), yet is the Galaxy S6 edge+ worth the consideration its producer supposes it merits?

we’ll find out in this post

Galaxy S6 edge+ Design

The Galaxy S6 edge is hands down the most excellent cell phone accessible available. Notice how that sentence says “is” rather than “was”? Indeed, that is on account of the S6 edge+ is not as shocking as its littler ancestor. Try not to misunderstand me: The Galaxy S6 edge+ is as yet astonishing to take a gander at and feels awesome in the hand, yet the bigger screen and measurements appear to have decreased its excellence. Having both the S6 edge and the S6 edge+ next to each other lets it know all – the previous edges (play on words planned) out the recent regarding the matter of being the standard for how great and cutting edge a cell phone can look, if by a slight edge.

With that off the beaten path, how about we talk rudiments. The Galaxy S6 edge+ has the same equipment setup as the first; you get the display, sensors, warning LED, earpiece, secondary camera, home catch with installed unique mark sensor, capacitive back and late applications keys, and the Samsung logo on the front. On the left are the volume catches (put on the verge of excessively high for a gadget of this size), and the force catch is on the privilege. The earphone jack, essential mouthpiece, USB port and single amplifier are at the base, and the top has the SIM opening and auxiliary receiver. There’s no IR drove this time around, something that isn’t going to sit well with a few purchasers.

alt="galaxy s6 edge+"

The metal and glass construct implies the S6 edge+ is exceptionally tricky, and the included size makes it significantly to a greater extent an obligation, particularly in one-gave use. On account of those to a great degree dainty sides of the telephone, it was at times somewhat difficult to clutch it without neglecting it out of my hands or having my hands touch the screen automatically. All that glass is the thing that makes the S6 lineup so alluring, yet for an organization that was known for making the absolute most ergonomic cell phones in the business, the premium materials are a gigantic change that add to the look and feel yet take away most – if not all – of the reasonableness.

The Galaxy S6 edge+ is an amazing Smartphone, and it is certain to stop people in their tracks all around you go. In any case, once more, it doesn’t look comparable to the S6 edge, however that may be on the grounds that the double edge screen is no more an oddity. By the day’s end, the telephone gets high checks for outline, remembering every one of the constraints that tag along with the package.

Galaxy S6 edge+ Display

The Galaxy S6 edge+ highlights a 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED showcase, and separated from the bigger size, this is the same splendid board that we saw on the Galaxy S6 edge. Hues pop (with an alternative to make them pop less through the showcase mode setting), blacks are dark, and review edges are astounding. The screen can get truly splendid and truly diminish, everything is dangerously sharp, and just the individuals who incline toward LCD showcases will discover anything at flaw here. For more points of interest on the screen, look at our Galaxy S6 and S6 edge audit.

Galaxy S6 edge+ Edge screen

alt="Samsung galaxy s6 edge+"

The biggest sign of the way that those double bended edges are basically gone for structure over usefulness on the Galaxy S6 edge was the way that the Edge screen didn’t precisely have an excess of valuable elements, and the Edge screen is still a sight to behold highlight that doesn’t contribute much to the client experience. The main prominent new capacity of the Edge screen is the Apps edge, which gives you a chance to rapidly get to five applications of your swiping so as to pick in from the edge, regardless of where you are in the UI. This is positively valuable – I had WhatsApp, Facebook and the Calculator application set as alternate ways, and I discovered myself much of the time getting to the Apps edge to get to these applications rapidly.

Individuals Edge, which gives you speedy access to five contacts, has additionally gotten another component called OnCircle. OnCircle gives you a chance to send emoticons, pictures and jabs to these contacts, and as far as we can tell OnCircle is basically a futile element. For one thing, the starting setup procedure obliges you to be on a versatile information association so you can initiate your telephone number for the administration. Besides, the whole procedure of sending these things to your contacts is somewhat long, and you would be in an ideal situation utilizing general talk applications to do as such. Additionally, you can in any case set just five easy routes in these Edge elements, and we have no clue why Samsung doesn’t put in the alternative to have more easy routes and simply let clients look through them.

alt="galaxy s6"

Whatever is left of the Edge screen elements continue as before. You get the Night Clock for showing the time when the telephone is bolted’s (despite everything it constrained to having the clock on for just 12 hours at most), Information stream for survey nourishes (climate, news, and so on.), and Edge lighting, which lights up the screen when the telephone is face down and you get a call from one of your most loved contacts. There’s additionally a perfect Quick Reply alternative which gives you a chance to put your finger on the heart rate sensor for two seconds to dismiss the call and send a preset message; this is an Edge lighting component so the telephone will must be face down for this to work.

Generally speaking, the Edge screen doesn’t have the usefulness in abundance that we saw on the Galaxy Note Edge, and truly, those little bends don’t leave space for an excess of elements. On the off chance that you like to have fast access to a few applications and contacts, the Edge screen is extraordinary, however else you can hope to see yourself killing the majority of its elements, either to spare battery life or to simply get them off the beaten path.

Galaxy S6 edge+ Camera

Like the display, the camera is another perspective that remaining parts unaltered from the Galaxy S6 edge, and that is something to be thankful for since the S6 lineup has seemingly the business’ best cell phone cameras. What’s new this around is two or three extra alternatives for the Pro shooting mode, specifically shade pace control and the capacity to spare pictures in RAW arrangement (Samsung has let us know these two components will be advancing toward the customary Galaxy S6 edge too.)

Shutter speed control is the more valuable choice here, as it permits you to differ shade pace contingent upon lighting conditions. I normally discovered myself lessening screen rate to get all the more light into a scene, and as somebody who needs to take pictures of Samsung gadgets all the time for utilization on our site, shade pace control comes in extremely helpful.

alt="samsung galaxy s6 camera"

The picture quality is brilliant in sunlight and great lighting conditions, with high measures of point of interest and amazing commotion control. Colors are marginally exaggerated, however that is discernible just when you’re seeing the pictures on the telephone’s showcase rather than a PC. Pictures turn out well during the evening, as well, keeping in mind the viewfinder keeps on demonstrating a ton of clamor when you’re pointing the camera at the subject, the last pictures turn out better. The F1.9 gap and optical picture adjustment are an extraordinary mix for low-light photography, and like the 5.1-inch Galaxy S6 telephones, the S6 edge+ can take truly snappy pictures even in terrible lighting.

The front camera is likewise great; it catches enough detail and well at controlling clamor, with the wide point lens assisting us with fitting more into every photo than contending leads. In terms of feature recording, the telephone is incredible. There’s a great deal of subtle element, and the optical picture adjustment guarantees the yield is smooth and sans shake generally.

Here are a couple camera tests (we’ll be including a feature test soon.

alt="galaxy s6 camera result"

Galaxy S6 edge+ Battery Life

Battery life has been a noteworthy worry on cell phones this year, and the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge weren’t solid entertainers in the continuance division. The Galaxy S6 edge+ has a 3,000 mAh battery, which is practically a standard for phablets nowadays, and I am happy to say it made an outstanding showing of giving me a chance to overcome the work day on a solitary charge. How about we get it off the beaten path – gadgets like the Galaxy A8 and Galaxy J5 still have a noteworthy lead regarding the matter of battery life, however the Galaxy S6 edge+ didn’t stress me over discovering a charging point as much as the S6 edge.

To quote numbers, the Galaxy S6 edge+ more often than not gave me around 16 to 18 hours of aggregate time on a solitary charge, with around 3 to 3.5 hours of screen time with medium use that included a touch of imaging, Facebook, WhatsApp, some skimming, and 10 to 15 minutes of gaming (I consistently played N.O.V.A 3 amid my test period.) Using the telephone at a stretch dropped the aggregate check to around 13-14 hours, yet the screen on time moved to 4 hours+. On versatile information, 13-14 hours was the degree of aggregate perseverance in the event that I needed to accomplish 3 hours of screen time, and this was with the medium utilization I portrayed above, less the gaming sessions.

Unmoving channel is alright; there’s around 3 to 5 percent of channel with everything left on overnight. With respect to charging times, Samsung’s cited numbers on wired quick charging are essentially exact. The telephone went from 0 to 100 percent in less than 100 minutes without fail. Samsung additionally cites a charging time of 120 minutes on a remote charger; we lacked the capacity test this, yet we’re speculating the organization’s case will be for the most part precise, all things considered, circumstances.

Generally speaking, the Galaxy S6 edge+ scores well in the battery office, however regardless I wish Samsung would quit utilizing fast and remote charging backing as reasons for the not all that good battery life. There is no motivation behind why leader cell phones shouldn’t keep going the length of mid-extent gadgets, and we yearn for the day when producers will do a reversal to organizing battery life over a telephone’s outline, or possibly verify the two go as one.

Galaxy S6 edge+ Software and Performance

The Galaxy S6 edge+ accompanies the same TouchWiz UX that appeared on the Galaxy S6, with Android 5.1.1 preloaded out of the case. The list of capabilities continues as before, however Samsung has rolled out a couple interface improvements here and there. For instance, the screen turn switch in the notices shade now switches between the words Portrait and Auto Rotate rather than essentially changing its shading, and the warning ringtones are presently a touch diverse, with a sleeker and more honed sound. There’s still no visitor mode alternative, and in every way that really matters this is the same programming that we saw on the Galaxy S6 edge.


Execution is another viewpoint that hasn’t precisely changed excessively, and everything happens rapidly and easily. The 4GB of RAM is the highlight here, helping the gadget hold a larger number of applications in memory than its forerunner. In any case, contrasted with different cell phones, Samsung is as yet doing some forceful application murdering – the S6 edge+ still figures out how to keep less applications in memory than 3GB RAM gadgets like the LG G4.

The 4GB of RAM appear to assist the with calling stay smooth and quick in all occurrences, however for anybody anticipating that it should empower more genuine multitasking will be disillusioned. Around 1.1 GB of RAM would be free at any given minute, and the telephone would not appear to like to go lower than that, perhaps to verify the product doesn’t get stalled by an excess of errands.

Galaxy s6 edge+ specs

The technical specs of Galaxy s6 edge + are given below

Operating System Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, TouchWiz
Display 5.7-inch QHD (2560×1440, 518 ppi) Super AMOLED
Dual edge screen
Processor Exynos 7420 octa-core (2.1GHz quad + 1.5GHz quad)
64bit, 14nm
Storage 32 or 64GB, UFS 2.0
Rear Camera 16MP, f/1.9, OIS, phase detection auto focus
4K video, slow motion video
Front Camera 5MP, f/1.9
Network LTE cat.9
(network bands vary by market)
Connectivity 802.11ac Wifi, 2.4/5GHz, MIMO (2×2), 620Mbps
Bluetooth v4.2 LE, ANT+
NFC, Location (GPS, Glonass, Beidou)
Sensors Accelerometer, Proximity, RGB Light, Geo-magnetic, Gyro, Fingerprint, Barometer, Hall, HRM
Charging Micro USB 2.0, Adaptive Fast Charging
Qi wireless, Powermat wireless, fast wireless charging
Battery 3000 mAh
Dimensions 154.4 x 75.8 x 6.9mm
Weight 153g
Colors black sapphire, white pearl, gold platinum, green emerald
(colors will vary by market)

Galaxy s6 edge+ price

The Galaxy S6 Edge+ price has already been revealed by some retailers and it looks like you’ll be paying around US$800 for the 32 GB version and $890 for the 64 GB version of-contract. For a two-year deal, you’ll pay US$349.99 for 32 GB and US$449.99 for 64 GB handset.


Final Conclusion

At the point when the Galaxy S6 edge turned out, it was proclaimed as a wonderful thing, and rightly so on account of those bends on either side of the screen. The Galaxy S6 edge+ is pretty much the same gadget with a bigger screen and a bigger battery, and the recent assists it with being the finished bundle its ancestor proved unable. In any case, it neglects to catch our creative ability in a manner that would legitimize its sticker. It’s a splendid telephone with no real negative (not including the non-expandable capacity), and the main inquiry you have to ask yourself is whether you’re willing to fork out the money Samsung is asking before you go out and purchase the gadget.

In case you’re in a business sector where the Galaxy Note 5 is accessible also, we would suggest you get that Smartphone rather than the Galaxy S6 edge+, unless the excellence of the bended screen is an imperative perspective in your rundown of absolute necessities. In the event that the Note 5 hasn’t arrived in your nation, well, the Galaxy S6 edge+ is a protected decision if the cost isn’t a worry. The littler Galaxy S6 edge is additionally a choice, however you will need to manage a battery that is not as tried and true as the one on the Plus variant.