Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910F vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920T

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910F was our best cell phone on the planet for very nearly six months until the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge usurped it. Presently there’s another child on the square. The Galaxy Note 5 is here and we’ve had an opportunity to set it through its paces against the past era gadget. How does the Note 4 expect up to remember? Figure out in our Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910F vs Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920T.

Design and Built Quality

The Galaxy Note 4 outline seemed to have been educated by the dull reaction to the Samsung Galaxy S5’s looks. Rather than the plastic chrome-impact body with dimpled back, as seen on the S5, Samsung gave the Note 4 metallic edges and a false calfskin back. The outcome was a phablet that looked sharp and felt agreeable from all points.


Yes it’s enormous, at 153.5 x 78.6 x 8.5 mm, and profound, at 176 g, however the dark’s mix metal sides, the silver trim, and the delicate, textured back gave it a quality of significance. Besides, the showcase took up around 75 percent of the body, so it doesn’t feel too enormous, as phablets now and then can (hi, Nexus 6).

This is additionally somewhat on account of the helpful catch arrangement and the hold gave by the rubbery back.

In any case, I’m satisfied that the Note 5 is both slimmer and lighter (though by a little edge) than the Note 5. It’s likewise much more alluring.

The new phablet has a sultry glass and metal body that weighs 171 g. Its measurements are 153.2 x 76.1 x 7.6 mm. It’s delicate and smooth, the tenderly bended back edges make it considerably more agreeable to hold than its ancestor (yet more dangerous), and the S Pen now discharges naturally, instead of must be hauled out.

This unobtrusive change to the S-Pen doesn’t influence its usefulness, simply the procedure of recovering it, yet it gives the feeling that the Galaxy Note 5 is better. It’s a comparative story with thee metal edges of the Note 5. The genuine contrast in width between the Note 4 SM-N910F and Note 5 is minor, however the slimmer metal band around the Note 5 makes the more up to date phablet seem much more slender.



The Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910F has a 5.7-inch QHD screen. It’s super-splendid, profoundly itemized (around 515 pixels for each inch), responsive and gives magnificent survey edges.

In each condition, the Note 4’s screen surpasses its opposition. In the same way as other of Samsung’s presentations, it is a part over-immersed and not 100 percent consistent with life, but rather I respect its energetic tones. There are few cell phones with a presentation as sharp and clear as the Note 4’s.


Also, by one means or another the Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920T presentation is unrivaled. In spite of the fact that it hasn’t been knock up to 4K, the Galaxy Note 5’s 5.7-inch QHD offering (518 pixels-per-inch) has much more grounded difference and definition. At full brilliance, even basic site pages seem to hop off the Note 5’s screen – it might be the finest show on the platform.

Software and Platform

What isolates the Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910F from most different phablets is its stylus, the S Pen. With its own particular arrangement of to a great extent helpful capacities, the S Pen is one of the real motivations to get the Note 4.

Samsung has persistently enhanced the Air Command menu, which lives up to expectations in conjunction with the S Pen in every cycle of the Note arrangement, and has done as such again with the Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920T. We didn’t have room schedule-wise to test the new elements in our grasp on Note 5 survey, yet we can affirm that Action Memo, Smart Select, Screen Write and S Note make an arrival, in addition to you can now add your own particular alternate ways to the menu.

The Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920T likewise accompanies Samsung Pay because of its MST (attractive secure transmission) joining. Not at all like NFC installments, have which required perfect terminals, MST lives up to expectations with existing charge card terminals that are as of now in many stores.

As far as execution specs, the Note 4 SM-N910F houses a quad-center Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor or Exynos 5433, contingent upon the locale. The Note 5 accompanies the own-image Exynos octa-center (2.1GHz Quad + 1.5GHz Quad) 64-bit processor, which we expect will perform extremely well with its 4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM.

More considerations on the Note 5’s product and execution can be found in the full survey, yet we will look at these one next to the other in a future overhaul.


The Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910F camera is another champion element of the handset. The 16 MP principle snapper accompanies OIS, self-adjust, LED streak, and 2160p video-recording at 30 fps. The Galaxy Note 5’s camera megapixel check continues as before on the back, yet the front camera has been moved up to 5 MP from 3.7 MP.

The Note 5 programming and handling has gotten a major overhaul however, and it’s more practically identical to the superb Galaxy S6 camera. The Note 5’s camera dispatches quicker and centers somewhat more easily. It’s not a speedier center, in my experience, it just requires a bit less upkeep than the Note 4.

Look at the correlation photographs beneath – the Galaxy Note 5 is dependably on top, the Note 4, underneath.






The Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920T presentation is practically the same as its forerunner, the battery is littler (and isn’t removable) and it needs microSD card bolster: these are huge frustrations. The execution and camera specs are more grounded, and the smooth outline is without a doubt more noteworthy, yet the extent to which these perspectives matter, in the stupendous plan of things, may be irrelevant.

Samsung has most likely supported outline over usefulness with the new Note. In the event that you need the most recent, elite, alluring cell phone, the Note 5 will positively satisfy. In the event that the looks don’t influence you, perhaps you’ll lean toward a year lower-evaluated Note 4 SM-N910F.

The Note 5 SM-N920T refines huge numbers of the littler subtle elements of the Note 4 SM-N910F. However, as with white flour, you may find that Samsung has evacuated a lot of the past goodness in its endeavor to make a general more attractive item.